Imagined Music (One Stop Poetry Challenge)

*The following poem is offered in response to the One Stop Poetry Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge. All poets are welcome to take part in the challenge. Click on the link to check out the rules.

I was young when fever swelled
Heard this band no friends could tell
Summoned through shrill trumpet sound
Pleas for God to fix our house

Tracks of tears, crushed off course
Blaming self and not divorce
Roaring, ringing, childhood blue
Whooshing, rumbling, making up tunes

Alone with thought each afternoon
All my fault that they were through
Reality did not show glee
At dinner sat between their screams

Imagined music I can’t sing
Pretending life might turn happy
As marching bands cross mute daydreams
No song would save a broken family

24 Responses to “Imagined Music (One Stop Poetry Challenge)”

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  2. Yep I get this one. In it’s entirety.

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  4. My folks divorced when I was five…with nine siblings the efeect was muffled by the commotion of a big family…and yet there were days when music would be a close friend. I understood this too. Thanks.

  5. This was powerful in the history it brings. I enjoyed it and feel the power of it. Thank you.

  6. A lament for every child of divorce. This one tears at the heart, Adam. Well done.

  7. I lived this, too. You’ve captured it to a tee, but coming from you, Adam, that doesn’t surprise. Thank you for digging deep.

  8. would be great if songs could save broken families…
    strong and heartfelt piece adam. my parents were fighting so mad all the years, and i sometimes prayed they would divorce..but they never did..

  9. Heartfelt piece… imagined dreams of songs healing families broken. Would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

  10. Now that is beautiful

  11. A very strong poem about a very common occurence in our society.

  12. A song of brokenness that children hear all too well. Well-written, Adam.

  13. It’s so weird that we carry this guilt as children about what happens to the ones we love. I remember wanting so much to protect them from each other’s anger and make things right, it was beyond anything I can feel now as an adult in its purity and intensity. Your poem goes right to that place, and deals with the scars of a failure beyond our control. Excellent write, as always, dustus.

  14. Not the observer, but the perpetrator was I. No fights, just walk away. A true shame this self-centered deterioration of the family. We read each day about terrorism, but seldom are allowed a glimpse behind the closed family doors, where unstoppable terrorism exists

    Dustus, I admire your work so much. It humbles me.

  15. It’s so sad when children take on the blame for something that in no way could be their fault, so sad… Your poem shows the hopelessness, the futility, the burning desire to fix what is beyond the child’s ability to mend, never mind understand. Well done!

  16. This is strong because it is honest– wonderful writing that builds beautifully to that last line…xxxJenne’

  17. moondustwriter Says:

    Clear peals of the strain – sadly
    painful my friend

    best to my compadre

  18. Sad ending… but those sounds can be so well heard as one reads- great

  19. Wow, your words made me feel a mix of things, compassion, tenderness, sorrow, but hopeful too. Music can not repair a broke family, but I can imagine that kid smiles listening to a beautiful song, then music can fix a heart broken, I think.
    I love the snow falling on your blog.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  20. Wow this is powerful, full of emotions and has a lot of depth.
    I can’t imagine how hard it must be for a child growing up in a broken family.
    I hold myself very lucky in that respect.
    Family is probably the most important thing in any ones life.
    I certainly hold mine in very high regard

    • so much sadness in a childs life. we all wish…..
      Dustus do you still listen to that music? that music pulled that child through, and that music will safe us over and over again.

  21. This works well. It is both powerful and sad, but the emotion is well controlled. Impressive.

  22. Adam, that sounds all too familiar…not good memories but I’m glad those of us who endured the dark ages of divorce can share it creatively. Thanks for sharing this, bro.

  23. Ok, I’m blinking fast and my nose is stinging.

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