My Present Planned

My Present Planned

Budding cherries
A chance to tease
Dots of red
Through evergreen leaves

‘Tis the season
There she stands
Look up, now kiss
My present planned

*Photograph courtesy of Creative Commons: Steve Willis 


19 Responses to “My Present Planned”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Glynn Young and Adam Dustus, Shaun Masterton. Shaun Masterton said: RT @gyoung9751: A Present Planned, new poem by @dustus […]

  2. Perfectly charming 🙂 Big smile

  3. loved it!
    thank you

  4. Indeed a most charming poem!

  5. Thanks Diana, Hope, & Charles. Mistletoe can certainly make the holidays interesting 😉 lol

  6. Cherries? Ain’t you supposed to use mistletoe? (LOL!)

    Nice 55, Adam!

    P.S. – I never did hear back from that guy. Guess he wasn’t impressed?

  7. LOL I haven’t sent them yet. Still sorting through a million and one life changes at the moment. You should hear fairly soon. That’s my fault.

  8. Nice poem. I tasted cherry.

  9. LOL Ah, the power of mistletoe should not be underestimated! Cheers, Lawrence

  10. Well, guys…I don’t know how you obtain your mistletoe, but down here in the south…we shoot it with a shotgun out of tall oak and pecan trees. I am a rotten shot, and live in urban Atlanta….so you can guess where my birdshot goes….LOL~

    Good poem, Dustus…

    Lady Nyo

    • Ahahahaha… Lady Nyo, based on your poetry, never figured you carried firearms. Then again I lived many years in TN. lol Cheers

  11. moondustwriter Says:

    The perfect gift for the one who has everything

    thanks Adam – glad you made it

    Moonie smiles

  12. LOL Well, creative presents are warranted when credit cards are maxed… so I’m told. lol cheers. Moonie

  13. That’s really quite enchanting, Adam. Thanks 🙂

  14. Aw, delightful one for the holidays! Behold the power of the mistletoe, if you are so lucky…cheers, man.

  15. LOL wise words. Cheers, G

  16. Goes to show planning has its rewards! Happy Holidays, Adam

  17. this was sweet ♥ cute and simple : )

    happy holidays!

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