Park Place (One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge)

Wind shielding world
Shadow valley track
Crossing over barriers
Rejuvenating path
Unwinding time
Forgone at last
Four wheels spinning
Forward fast
Speeding sounds
Not looking back

Fresh air feeling, peaceful, freeing
Altitude that’s made for dreaming

Sambas scrapping gravel sounds
Steps on brush, majestic grounds
Sit there, chill, look around
Winding road for coasting down

It’s only life we lose
Fleeting inspiration
In hills chosen for them
Natural perfumes, oil spills
Roadblocks missing
Her face kissing
All that happens
Proofing will

Change in mind
Life becomes growth
Journey may madden
Losing heart beside health

And to seldom remember
When midpoints to home
Can’t discover Park Place
Without ever passing go

*Image via Creative Commonsβ€”
The Library of Congress photostream.

____________________________________________________________________________________Also, we have some great news to share
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*Limited Editions Press will anthologize poetry from the 1st 6 months of One Shot Wednesday!
*Also, a special tribute on One Stop Poetry today… Chris G. graduates from MSU!
Congrats, My Friend! 


39 Responses to “Park Place (One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt Challenge)”

  1. I enjoyed this piece…”natural perfumes” Love that! Nice monopoly twist at the end. BTW, it is snowing here on your blog – how festive!

  2. Just plain lovely, Adam.
    Thank you.

  3. smiles. Always appreciate your kind comments.

  4. Drives always feels like letting go of the past, nice write friend

  5. Thanks, Kodjo, for posting with us on Sunday again. Enjoyed your poem.

  6. Anita Wakeham Says:

    Wonderful imagery and journey your poem takes us on Adam.


  7. The journey seemed destined to a faraway place and quite lonely along the way. It lingers on , Adam. Brilliant take!

    • The pic definitely has a vast loneliness to it… like how you say that. Like a place to pause during the journey. thanks, Kaykuala

  8. The inspiration of the natural landscape becomes a kind of love poem. Nice one, Adam.

    • I’ve always been a fan of the mountains and long drives. After this post, I’m ready to hit the road! lol Cheers, Glynn

  9. I like the Monopoly play at the end. this poem curves like the road in the image. Nice.

  10. Hi Jerry. The pic made me consider “Park Place” differently than when I was a kid. I was more of a Battleship fan until hooked on video games. lol Appreciate your comment!

  11. A great write for a wonderful dreamy prompt. Your words seem to flow so effortlessly. What a talent


  12. I like the lines “Change in mind, Life becomes growth” how true. I wonder if we only realize that as we mature?

  13. Think you might be right about that. Realizing more along those lines as I get older. Cheers, Gigi

  14. So true! yes we can’t get to ‘Park Place’ (anywhere) without passing go ~ and collecting thoughtful reflections on lifesflow ~ ‘I’ve always been a fan of the mountains and long drives. After this post, I’m ready to hit the road! lol’ think so !! may join you!! hitting the high road ~ so refreshing Adam ~ exhilarating ~ Lib ~

  15. Nice rhyme in your comment! Thanks, Lib. Think I’m ready to hit the road too on this snowy day here …Might take me a while to get anywhere though lol πŸ™‚

  16. I love the rhythm of this poem! I’m ‘journeying’ with it: “sambas scrapping gravel sounds…roadblocks missing…journey may madden…when midpoints to home…can’t discover Park Place”!!! Thanks, Adam!

  17. Thanks! Just read yours. Enjoyed it very much πŸ™‚

  18. Okay, so this is brilliant. The read was enticing and took me out on that road to find… Park Place.


    Thank you.

  19. the freedom and loneliness of the road – you captured both perfectly with your words adam…it’s only life we lose…wonder what else you’ve woven into this road poem that has to be looked for in between the lines..

  20. Claudia, excellent post today! Much said between the lines of your poem for sure. Enjoy the rest of Sunday πŸ™‚

  21. what a brilliant writer! amazing how you got all of that out of that photo!

    Loved it!
    thank you

  22. love the monopoly reference…this makes me want to get out on the road with my windows down and travel.

  23. Windows down and radio up! That’s how I roll. LOL Happy Sunday, Caty πŸ™‚

  24. Great ode to the highway, with all it’s liberation, and all its transitory scenery and experience as well. Unwinding time–that’s a true story, as well as “not looking back…Winding road for coasting down
    It’s only life we lose…” Loved (and lived πŸ˜‰ ) those lines.

  25. wonderful read — it was like taking a journey. Enjoyed it very much.

  26. moondustwriter Says:

    Nice I also loved the photo prompt Adam
    you on the road yourself too eh

    • My road trip is to old stomping grounds, Moonie. hugs Thanks for all your work lately. We all appreciate it πŸ™‚

  27. Very good response to the visual prompt…enjoyed the way you wove the story into the poem.

  28. This is a new favorite for me. I can see everyone’s “Park Place” in this. Thank-you, Adam!

  29. That was very very vivid, Adam! At certain places, it almost scared/saddened me… but I simply cannot deny the truth in the lines… yes, we do find this place many a time.. and then, at other times, we just wanna get there…
    A beautiful road trip, Mr. D… perfect verses for the perfect picture!

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