For My Soul

For My Soul

Hear death approach
Demonic grunts chortle breath
Thudding cinder block house-shaken steps
Spreading panic imminent
For shadows creep life
You won’t take my essence
For my soul I will fight


*Thia one was for Pete Marshall‘s Halloween prompt over at
One Stop Poetry!
Happy Halloween!

17 Responses to “For My Soul”

  1. awesome. Wish you a wonderful halloween 🙂

  2. You too, Happy Halloween 🙂

  3. yes fight! i like the never give up spirit here adam!

  4. Got to fight those demons, especially on Halloween. lol

  5. fight, never give up…and claw yourself from that pit LOL….thanks for taking the prompt…i love that image..cheers pete

  6. A great Halloween Party you arranged, Pete. Cheers!

  7. Oooer! very creepy indeed! the sinister shadow creeping up stairs to steal the essence is a masterstroke:-0 Good!

  8. Thanks, Lynda. Hope you’re enjoying Halloween! Have fun 🙂

  9. signed .............bkm Says:

    Oooooo! Good one…run as fast as you can….bkm

  10. Great Halloween poem…enjoyed it.

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Glynn Young, Adam Dustus. Adam Dustus said: For My Soul : […]

  12. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Veryyyy creepy Adam, lol, love your Halloween “fright” (wow you alwaysw stun me even now in the holiday “madness”) This gave goosebumps all eerie!!! Excellent work dear friend!! ~ April ~ 🙂

  13. Very good! I got the creepy feeling reading it. LOVED

    Nice work


  14. Nice poem, scary.

  15. left me with an eery feeling…nice 🙂 hope you had a fun Halloween!

  16. I’d fight, too! Scary!

  17. Thanks Everybody for commenting. It was a fun Halloween prompt from Mr. Marshall. In two weeks, I will have been blogging for two years. I never expected to enjoy and learn so much from the experience.

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