Echoes of Daylight

Could not remember the time
When love made me feel
Too many a longing question
Denying life unreal

Echoes of daylight
Warm whisper through trees
If you think I’ll never miss her
Then God you don’t know me

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57 Responses to “Echoes of Daylight”

  1. Denying life unreal…wow that is good.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Dustus and Adam Dustus, Maureen Doallas. Maureen Doallas said: RT @dustus: Echoes of Daylight: […]

  3. Excellent poem Adam. I too like the line “Denying life unreal” it makes a very powerful statement. Hugs Vi

  4. Beautiful, Adam….words & image.

  5. @Michael, Viola, Shell… Glad you all enjoyed it! This poem was difficult to record, having choked me up. Appreciate the encouragement! Means a lot. Cheers, friends 🙂

  6. Wonderful poem, Dustus, and, as always, hearing you read it, where you place the emphasis, opens it to fuller understanding.

  7. //Echoes of daylight
    Warm whisper through trees
    // I got totally hooked at these lines… its so beautiful and appealing…
    brillaint write.

  8. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Fantastic writing/emotion Adam, can hear it, and feel it in each word. 🙂 Just completed 5th poem in 2 days, not sure which to post first, or if I can record one to post…maybe I’ll try…. 🙂 As always Adam your work seems to hit me in some strong sense with what you carry in it, excellent! ~April 🙂

  9. i think that’s one of my favorites of yours so far – grabbed me from the very first line – so full of emotion – great write adam – wow

  10. Thanks, Claudia. Excellent feature today. Would like to read the poems again 🙂

  11. ahh..Adam, this one is too romantic, sweet and God i felt the words like soft tunes upon my soul..great picture and your posts are keeping me still in beauty..beautiful one shot for sure mate..:))

  12. Sometimes the soft tunes end up rocking the mind, especially when unexpected. Abeer, thanks always for your kindness :)) Cheers!

  13. Those last two lines rounded it off beautifully.

  14. Solid work, relatable (aside from the “God” reference).

  15. Love as you see it , overcomes what God himself and His will has to do with it
    being IT all
    Oh- How I love your poetry Man!

  16. Emotional and deep. Touched a heartstring Adam…Second poem I’ve read on tonights one shot that’s done that

  17. Nicely done. Deep and touching.

    (Not mine though. I’ve got one of my comic ones up; I know you always enjoy those.)

  18. Well said, sometimes few words carry more weight than mountains

  19. sweet one shot dustus! i miss her aqnd i dont even know her…smiles.

  20. Oh that made me sad…it was beautiful.

  21. powerful – touching

    great one shot!

  22. Losing love always leaves an empty spot…well presented poem.

  23. Echoes of sunlight and as it falls with those last rays the blues settle in like a cold winter night. Good capture and well illustrated too Adam. Well written. Gay @beachanny

  24. Nice write that resonates well with most readers Dustus. Crackin One Shot. Love and Light, Sender

  25. The second stanza works really well for me, a shout to the reader, a challenge.. really dig it.

  26. Love the intensity in your words today, Dustus.

  27. This is just so touching and beautiful Adam…will stay with me for a while. I send you many hugs oxo

  28. Adam this is so moving and heartfelt…a perfect one shot! 🙂

  29. beautiful and powerful!!

  30. Deep and beautiful. I love this one!

  31. Very touching. This one certainly touches the soul.

    Mine is here.

  32. This speaks straight to the heart, Adam. It makes me think of all the times we fail to appreciate what we have until we no longer have it. Lovely One Shot.

  33. Beauty tinged with pain…they seem to go hand-in-hand.
    Very nice, Adam

  34. Perfectly said Dustus… and I can relate to it too… I relate to it so much that I am not able to hold my self from sharing one of mine that I have had posted few days back at twitter..

    Pain is
    When you feel like
    Stopping the sunrise.

    I loved your words and the question was apt… too.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  35. Goodness, such a beautiful display of emotion! Warming, chilling, longing–you capture your longing perfectly in these two short stanzas. Relateable, and heartfelt. Kudos, sir.

  36. Your last lines echo what often rings through my heart. Regardless of the circumstances… they hold truth in their simplicity and the complexity.

  37. Ahhhh!! It made me wanna cry.
    I think one of the experiences that more makes us feel real is missing somebody… how can you explain it? I mean it not always shows phisically, it is a total soul expression. The cold and tears are just the reflection of what´s really inside us.

    Great One shot!!

  38. The missing of someone. Deep. No question.

  39. Thats allot of power packed into a small verse…beautiful.

  40. Missing someone is tough.. the feelings aren’t easy to take.. a well expressed and worded poem, Dustus!

  41. Short but poignant AD, it pulls me into the moment very well

  42. Love the ending!

  43. I found the poem very heartwarming and got a real sense of yearning. Very nice.

  44. I love what Kodjo said about this poem, Adam. I wish I’d have thought to say that! Wonderful, melancholy read my friend. 🙂

  45. Patty Sherry Says:

    It is always with those first echoes of daylight that the realization and the missing feels the worst for me..lovely poem and wonderful to hear you read it.

  46. The words were powerful and the reading completed the experience.
    i like to read poems that deal with strong emotions.
    They mean so much more

  47. simply lovely, nice one shot

  48. The only thing worst than “not remember the time when love made me feel” is a loveless relationship making one feel dead.

  49. not miss her. How won’t you. After all fancy is more beautiful than the real.

  50. Makes my heart ache. Excellent!

  51. Great poem Adam and picture perfect to match. Glad to see you’re still at it!

  52. Excellent pairing of photo and poem, Adam. I like each line all a part of the whole poem. Each thought runs together, for me, in this one. My Father lost his wife, my Mother, at first dawn and he must have felt like this. This one I write down.

  53. excellent sentiment….wonderful image…great one shot…cheers pete

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