Bombing the LSAT (Flash 55)

Ziggy Floyd remains paranoid. Black Sabbath shaking floorboards; apartment walls blasted by song. Quartering half-life of “Ambien Moments.” Nothing working. Had to pace—sleepless with test anxiety, jittery, fighting wee-hour hangover nausea.

….Tap-tap-tap—pencil taps…. Quit your side conversations you’re supposed to be proctoring!

Unprepared for breakdown, the rest of his life, Ziggy recalls bombing the LSAT.

17 Responses to “Bombing the LSAT (Flash 55)”

  1. ‘Nothing working. Had to pace—sleepless with test anxiety, jittery, fighting wee-hour hangover nausea.’……..
    We’ve all been there and know that feeling:D

    • Hi Lynda. I used to get test anxiety in the worst way… not anymore though. It’s been interesting to hear about all the Ambien moments of sleepwalking and such that lots of people seem to be reporting these days.

  2. Hahaha, nice, very nice. So atmospheric–and so true. Didn’t help that yesterday when I took it, about noon across the street someone on campus kicked up with a base that made the floors quiver a bit.

    I certainly knew well that anxiety…but it’s over now, and I can relax. And in a few months, I await what’s hopefully good news. No bombing for me!

  3. Glad you survived the LSAT bomb, Chris, and hopefully did very well.
    Go relax. You’ve earned it, my friend.

  4. Ahhhh! How many tests are there out there that this would fit? Love that ” wee-hour hangover nausea” that you chose to include. That was the worst of the pre-test sleepless jitters.
    I wonder what this would have read like and what kind of comments you would receive had you ended it at “Ziggy recalls”. I honestly read the first part of this as “vampiric” and sucking the life out of night. Good one, Adam. I so enjoy your 55’s!

  5. Hi Leslie. MCAT, GRE, etc…. there are many it seems.
    Like how you interpret as vampiric. Stress and anxiety are definitely draining. Would be interesting if that last part wasn’t there. Definitely don’t miss taking tests like that.

    Always glad when you dig the 55! 🙂

  6. Oh WHEN will standardized tests bite the dust forever? Egads mental torture of a very insidious kind indeed! Zombie vodka martinis for all takers! LOL.

  7. I suspect this part of every test ever given. 😉

  8. You always have such interesting 55’s…Good one my friend…big hugs for a fabulous week ahead!! xx

  9. moondustwriter Says:

    This is not the first time I have sent a comment and didnt send it

    I know Chris passed those LSATS

    have a great Week Mr. D

  10. I’m sure he aced it. Glad he laughed over this one… We all knew he would do well 🙂
    Have a great week, moonie.

    I’ll announce this here… WordPress indicates this was my 400th post. YAY!

  11. lol…i have nightmare about tests still and i have not taken one in 15 years…

  12. I still have an occasional nightmare about the SAT, and that was way too many years ago. lol

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