Thanking Stars (Flash 55)

Lily held a leftover summer sparkler before her face. Together, enclasped hands sway strolling lakeside. Life renewed. She touched the thumbnail band aide signaling turns from concussion.

Could barely remember myself—only her—powdery sweet mixing with conditioned hair, scratched skin. Enlightened in arms, my solitary thought after hours’ oblivion stood thanking stars we made it alive.
The above Flash 55 was for written for my friend G-Man.

Thanks, G. Enjoy your trip!
One Stop Poetry

29 Responses to “Thanking Stars (Flash 55)”

  1. What an immense relief…

    Here is my Haibun in 55 words!

  2. Lovely tribute Adam. Very touching, i like flash 55s makes you think about overuse of words. Harder than they look!

  3. Whew, good one Adam.
    I am so out of touch with the blogs … hopefully I’ll be able to get back to doing Flash 55 from next week.

  4. This is as fascinating for what it leaves unsaid as for what it says. I love the details, I felt that I was there with the both of you. So neatly done, Adam.

  5. How scary. Hopefully all those wonderful memories come back. Nicely done.

    Mine is here.

  6. So many things spring to mind, but the celebration of surviving is the one that will stay with me.

  7. fabulous piece adam, very very beautiful.

  8. A beautifully written 55! Truly lovely!

  9. Nice 55.. leaves one wondering.

  10. always good to be able to walk away…you packed it into your 55 man…hot stuff!

  11. wow – that was touching…could barely remember myself—only said a lot in just 55 words adam

  12. Very nicely done. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  13. This evokes intense feelings. A brush with death. Banged up but, whew, alive. So much in so few. Wow.

  14. i loved the final lines the most. so alluring.

  15. Indeed, where would survivalists be without sparklers?
    (Lost in the dark, that’s where!)

    Nice 55, Adam!

  16. Rabbit, rabbit.

    Very interesting 55. i feel immensely lucky I wasn’t involved in the situation.

  17. Awesome peice Adam. Hugs Vi

  18. This is a beautiful 55, Adam. It poignantly captures that gratitude that would overwhelm someone in that situation.

  19. Writing so much for us to imagine what the real story is, builds suspense for a prequel or sequel. Excellent 55.

  20. moondustwriter Says:

    Nice 55 and the artwork/ picture was great. Hope people realize how gifted you are.

    So what caused the stars anyway????

    have a great weekend

    a joy to work the One Stop circuit with you

  21. This is a cool flash 55.
    i keep forgetting to try these out. lol

  22. Very fine piece Adam…excellent flash 55.

  23. Fine words chosen properly. Well written as always.


  24. Good tribute, such a celebration…

    And thank you, Dustus, for the kind One Stop Welcome!

  25. Wow, good one Adam, I am yet to try flash 55!! Have a great weekend my friend!! Hugs xx

  26. I had to come back and read this several times before I got the picture. Oh, when I did, what a picture! Brought back memories of thankfulness for dangers visited upon my own children and how relieved and thankful I was following those incidents. How adequate you choose a sparkler to light this 55! Good one…got me thinking, remembering.

  27. Hi Leslie! You are right. It is about the sense of relief after terrible accidents happen to us or loved ones that change everything and make us grateful just to be alive. Sometimes a sparkler is all that is required to illuminate the darkness 🙂

  28. hope springs up from a tiny seed.

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