When I Was Young

Oh man, if I could just win that prize
An impossible Cartman could be mine!
As game lights bleep down pinball row
When I was young what did I know?


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20 Responses to “When I Was Young”

  1. Very sweet, weren’t those high hopes?

  2. Yes they were!
    As an aside, I think it’s totally appropriate that Homer made an appearance in this poetry post. lol thanks, Cin.

  3. A child at the toy store is the best it gets. lol 🙂 Stay well and happy. 😎

  4. Hey, D. lol. I like the emoticon with the sunglasses. I have no idea how to make that in a comment. That’s one of the coolest ones 🙂 Hope you’re well and happy too!

  5. Awww… if you play with the same innocence even now, you might just win one too!!! 🙂
    So cutely written, Adam!!! You rock!!! You landed me on memory lane!! AGAIN! 😀

    Oh.. and I read your reply to Doraz’s comment and saw the mention of sunglass emoticons… I am guessing it’s the number 8 followed by a closing parenthesis.. lemme try it 8) 🙂 If it doesn’t work, you might find some gibberish here… hehe…

  6. Oh adam you just dont realise how funny this one is for me…i used to import and distribute the toys that you see within the crane…believe you me i know all the tricks!!!!!..thanks for a great memory..cheers Pete

    • Didn’t know that, Pete. Also didn’t know there was a trick to those machines. They always look full and those claws always seem to drop the prize short of the bin. I’ve seen two, maybe three people, win something bulky from one of those, other than a key chain. lol
      cheers mate!

      • ph yeah you can rig them to pay out per coins received etc..they work on the same basis as fruit machines..got to make money and then pay out!!!!!! there are even some remote control gadgets that you can use to make a payment to draw crowds around…yep mate nothing is ever as it seems

  7. I remember those days…and guess what, I still want to do it!! Awesome Adam ~ Hugs x

  8. LOL I still try. There was one in New Jersey where I must of spent a small fortunate trying to win a t-shirt. I prefer skee ball. lol hugs, Amanda 8)

  9. I really like this poem Adam, and I can picture you young playing pinball.

  10. Hi, very evocative. There was a brilliant song called Pinball Wizard.

  11. Big fan of The Who. I’ll never forget watching Tommy for the first time. Thought to myself, “wow, these guys are out there.” Then I saw The Wall. lol

  12. Aw never mind! those machines are fixed anyway a lot of the time:) Good fun trying and dreaming about the prize though:)

  13. Isn’t that exactly how almost all of us back then … You captured it well…a true picture…

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