Not Sure (Flash Fiction 55)

Parallel footprints track the smooth, sungolden morning sand.

“God, when’s the last time I saw you?”

“Probably when I graduated college. You and Aunt Beatrice flew to Chicago and gave me that Austrian beer stein.”

“Well… What are you going to do? It’s been two years…”

“Don’t know… Not sure if I ever will again.”

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18 Responses to “Not Sure (Flash Fiction 55)”

  1. Ah, what a story, well done!

  2. Thanks, Cin. Having fun writing 55s with dialogue. Cheers!

  3. just loved it. 🙂

  4. Hey trisha! Have a great week 🙂

  5. Thanks, Neva. *smiles*

  6. i dont know if it was intentional but the play on the poem footprints in the sand and the inclusion of God in the dialogue…is brilliant…lol.

  7. thanks, bri 🙂

  8. A conversational 55!!! Nice!!! Why all the wonder.. I wonder 🙂

    Well written, Adam…

  9. That Beatrice, driving poor Dante Allegheri to distraction and keeping Dante Gabriel Rossetti up nights painting her as Elizabeth Siddons poses and tries not to fidget. Who knew she was your aunt?!? 😉

  10. Aunt Beatrice has quite a history 😉
    Hey Shay! thank you

  11. Thinking thinking….I wonder too:) 🙂 Loved it Adam. Hugs x

  12. moondustwriter Says:

    Love the parallel. Are there matching Steins????

    hope you have a great week Adam
    I’m tired and it’s only Monday

  13. LOL I wonder… hmm.
    It’s Tuesday now, and I’m looking forward to One Shot beginning later today… I think I’m going to try to get-a-way & relax a bit this weekend. Wow, summer’s almost over. Later L 🙂

  14. Nice 55 words Adam. I too agree with Brian.

  15. Great minds think alike, V

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