Reserve Flask (Flash Fiction 55)

3 am. Party over… Snow erases the frozen dirt road. Quarter-sized flakes whiteout the windshield. Focus skidding, 15 mph—ditched!

“Might be here a while,” C.J. muses, removing his earmarked copy of Catch 22 from the glove box. He reads, teeth chattering by flashlight, unseen beneath two army blankets, sipping whiskey from his reserve flask.

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16 Responses to “Reserve Flask (Flash Fiction 55)”

  1. Thanks for hosting again, Adam! heartspell

  2. Sorry, didn’t realize the 55 was in the same post. Anyway…. Great 55! Very vivd imagery…. Could feel how cold it was…. Didn’t seem to bother him too much though, did it? After all he had everything he needed. Heartspell

  3. Hey heartspell. I image that after coming back home on leave, C.J. wouldn’t be bothered so much by the cold. cheers. thanks for reading it

  4. What with the whiskey and the double blanket, C.J. sure didn’t care much about the cold.. 🙂
    The situation has been so well presented here, Adam…
    In 2 lines, you have described an entire paragraph worth of snowy weather!!! Phheeww…lovely!
    I really admire your (carefully worded) writing 🙂
    The Sunday 160 is PERFECT for you, and vice versa 🙂
    Take care, my friend..

    And Happy One Shot Hosting!! You rock at it!! Will see you there..soon enough..

    • We definitely get our fair share of snowy weather up here, Kavita. lol Thanks. I’ll catch up with you soon for One Shot Wednesday! 🙂

  5. I have always heard drinking whiskey would warm your blood and keep you warm in freezing weather. I have never tried it. LOL Your poem as always is excellent Adam. These lines reminds me of a time years ago when Larry and I had to drive through a snow storm and went into a ditch.

    Snow erases the frozen dirt road. Quarter-sized flakes whiteout the windshield. Focus skidding, 15 mph—ditched!

  6. ..doesn’t sound too bad…a good book, a drink, a flashlight, a snow storm…even a bit romantic…

    • LOL… that’s what I think, Claudia… Well, with the exception of being called back for active duty weighing on one’s mind. Otherwise, a romantic frozen library on stuck wheels. lol cheers

  7. Hi Viola. I was stuck in a snow ditch twice…. one time for a few minutes, another time for a few hours. The worst is when the snow completely wipes out your visibility and you don’t know where you are on the road.

  8. Felt cold just reading it…awesome 55 Adam…might to the same LOL…freezing here too:) Hugs xx

  9. well done,
    I was there with u ….

    lovely 55.
    Glad to see you post often!

  10. Chuckle. I like it. Good job …

  11. another brilliant 55- they are always unique and interesting.

  12. Well, look at you. Such a writer. Such a photographer. Can I have your autograph when you come out to Hollywood??? 🙂 Stay happy. I love your work.

  13. Thanks Amanda, Jingle, Jamie, trisha, Doraz…always appreciate your respective comments. Much appreciated 🙂

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