Rain on the Sidewalk

Taps give into thunder
Sky tears apart
Missing ozone
Wet land heart

Time to save
What you forgot
Rain on the sidewalk
Pattering lots
Frozen splash
Bubbling drops
Brimming wonder
Shuttering shot

Pain that washed
Imagining free
Rainy days puddle
Cleansing daydreams

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118 Responses to “Rain on the Sidewalk”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Dustus, Abeer Mohamed. Abeer Mohamed said: RT @Dustus: Rain on the Sidewalk: http://wp.me/pnd9L-1zx […]

  2. time to save what u forgot,

    thoughtful line…
    great poem!

    • Hi Jingle. Appreciate you stopping by! Glad you like this poem. This is one of those that was definitely inspired by the image first. cheers πŸ™‚

  3. some great visuals adam…taps into thunder…i love storms…to stand in them and feel their power…i think they are cleansing…happy one shot! and thanks for being a marvelous host!

    • We’ve had some crazy storms this summer with the out-of-control humidity! Storms are great for daydreaming, and writing. cheers, Bri

  4. I love storms too. Your words evoke both sound and images, making this storm very real. very nice. And thanks for being our host this week, Adam.

    • Thanks Patti. Always wanted to take a picture of raindrops in action so to speak. thanks for commenting on the sound and image. More so, thanks for being a great part of One Shot!

  5. like your rain on the sidewalk…Shuttering shotPain…wow…some cool expressions… and the picture makes me wanna dance in that rain…

  6. Ha! I didn’t dance in the rain, but I sure did get soaked trying to take that picture, just about laying on the ground. lol Thanks, Claudia! πŸ™‚ Always look forward to your One Shot Poetry posts!

  7. The rhythm and pace reflects the energy of the picture. Well done. As you saw I have posted two poems this week. On not saying hello is new but Kingpin Baby was posted up on a quiet Sunday so I thought I’d give it another outing. Both are adaption of different formal poetry forms – pantoum and sonnet.

    • Enjoying your work, and thanks for the compliment. We lacked some structure on One Shot Sunday, mainly due to its newness, as well as my own πŸ™‚ We’ll have a link system set up for it next time, so please join us again. cheers

  8. Hi Dustus!
    I, too, am from Michigan and while reading your poem i could smell the worms. (THis is a good thing.)


  9. Ah rain… Can be so much to so many! Enjoyed the possibilites and the multiples you offer, “Brimming wonder.. Shuttering shot.. Cleansing Daydreams” nice work!

    • Thanks, Justin. Ah rain… different thoughts to so many. Very true, my friend. Thanks for participating in One Shot! cheers

  10. soulintention: signed .............bkm Says:

    the rains will return here in CA come October and – rain is our winter and bringing memories and dreams and reason to write….lovely image in photo and word…bkm

  11. an amazing photo…did you lay in a puddle taking it! The words suited this so well..bubbling drops & shuttering shot…happy One Shot..cheers Pete

    • Of course, Pete… for the sake of art, and plus I was bored the other day when it was pouring out β€”was doing my laundry at the time anyway. lol

  12. Great words. I’m another who loves a good thunderstorm.

  13. Me too, thunderstorms are good for daydreaming.

  14. sparrowsong Says:

    I really enjoyed the prosody and the way this poem reached out to the senses. This is my favorite one of yours, so far. But maybe that’s just because I love the rain! πŸ™‚

  15. I am a winter person Adam..i love rains and storms..i feel nature at its best when ragging..lovely poem! enjoyed every word..:) glad you are our host this week too..cheers mate πŸ˜‰

  16. I enjoyed reading your wonderful poem. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and leaving your comments

  17. I feel the same way, Abeer, though I must admit the sunny warm summer has been very nice this year. Must enjoy it while it lasts. Doesn’t take much time for MI to get chilly in Fallβ€”burrr… though I like that too. cheers

  18. Doni Cifra Says:

    it’s wet season here,

    “time to save what (I) forgot…” Great Post Adam, and I love the picture!

  19. Doni, your poetry has been stellar. Thanks for sharing on One Shot Wednesday! Really appreciate that. cheers

  20. It’s wonderful to hear this read, to feel the rhythm and hear the rhyme, to “see” all the different way the water falls.

    Thank you for stopping by to read “Lean Into the Idea” and for leaving such a lovely comment.

  21. Yeah, there’s definitely a kind of emotional release that sometimes accompanies the shedding of clouds’ tears. Wonderful picture words here, Adam. πŸ™‚

  22. time tosave what you forgot…love that!

  23. this is beautiful. i love the photo, and the way your heart bleeds with the rain.

  24. I like the water metaphors — the dripping, dropping moving on to cleansing. Nice one.

  25. Even without the photo, I can see the raindrops through your words. Beautiful.

    I’m curious, how did you keep your camera from getting wet?

  26. This is such a great poem that I’d love it if I weren’t so sick of rain. (Sorry-it’s pelting against my window AGAIN).

  27. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Love this Adam, the next time I go out in the rain to wash away my troubled mind, cleansing the daydreams I’ll smile for the thought of your poetry, lol!!! πŸ™‚ Could hear the rain falling from your wonderful words, well done! Superb! πŸ™‚ Awesome! πŸ™‚ ~April

  28. very very beautiful..

    time to save what u forgot..
    memories of the monsoons which i enjoyed a lot when i was a kid! now time is just too fast to savour that feeling..

    thanks for this.. LOVED it.!


  29. Wow you have a wonderful capacity for sound. Your poetry is so musical. You have a great capacity for bringing the sound of what you’re writing into the poem, while also giving it emotional depth and meaning. Well done. I admire this.

  30. I love the rain and I love this piece.
    Your last stanza really does it for me
    “Pain that washed
    Imagining free
    Rainy days puddle
    Cleansing daydreams”
    The idea of cleansing days dreams is a wondeful thought

  31. Great poem Adam!

    I like short lines that rhyme, gives it a nice rhythm.

  32. WOW! A beautiful poem with soft lines and a nice tone as you read the lines. I love to hear it rain, and can do some of my best sleeping during it. These lines are my favorite too. They truly do speak to me.

    Pain that washed
    Imagining free
    Rainy days puddle
    Cleansing daydreams

  33. Oh the cadence of this one
    loved it
    and that photo
    wow wow wow

  34. I like the way you paired-up words. Nice one!

    • Thanks, Eric. It’s nice to have you as part of One Shot & Shoot! Appreciate your participating; it definitely helps us.

  35. Amazing word pictures and perfect photo. I especially love “cleansing daydreams.”

  36. They rhythm and flow are great … just like the rain. Makes me wish for a storm. No such luck right now! Thanks for another good one, Dustus.

  37. Simple pleasures…and a good bout of rain is always among them. I’m hoping the storm we’ve got brewing outside right now sticks around for a while. Very refreshing–plus, there’s always the hope it will get rid of some of this bloody humidity!

    Great visuals and flow. β€œBrimming wonder.. Shuttering shot.. Cleansing Daydreams” Wonderful words.

    And as a P.S…you didn’t let the poor camera get soaked did you?

  38. “Taps give into thunder
    Sky tears apart
    Missing ozone
    Wet land heart”

    Nicely written and liked the above lines Adam. You made think of hurricane Katrina almost like you were saying run for cover it’s coming πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and cheers~

    • Hi Julliette. Glad you pointed that out… “wet land heart” makes me think of Katrina too. Thanks for noticing that πŸ™‚ Great work today!

  39. The way you start this is really great. Totally sets the tone for the rest of the piece. Nice work indeed!

  40. I loved the rhythm of this poem – it added the perfect accompaniment to the rain.

  41. This is magic with words, Adam!! It’s so bright and sunny here right now in the Big Apple…but while reading your poem, I was instantly transported back to my rainy, splashy Bombay days – Murphy’s laws in action FULL TIME! No umbrella = heavy rain, bla bla πŸ™‚ And flailing arms out of bus and car windows to feel the raindrops splosh on your palms… sidewalks had an added charm when it rained!!! Rivulets later merging to form puddles, cars going over and drenching me completely!! heheh…fun times!
    Such a lovely poem this is… Read it a few times, to have the images fill up my mind πŸ˜€
    A sweet one shot!

    • Cool… Hope you’re having a blast in The Big Apple, Kavita!!! Still pondering the 160 he he… Thank You πŸ™‚

  42. Refreshing! Thank you.

  43. Joined one stop today,

    Great poem love any thing to do with rain, the sea, water, so you had me right from the title and the photo, it just got better from there.



  44. Mrs. MM and I still love to puddle jump. Great description of the cleansing rain.

  45. Great visuals here. As a recent transplant to Southern California from Hawai’i, I really miss the rain!!! Love the way the rhythm adds to the rainy feeling of the poem.

  46. Awesome visuals in this Adam…Brilliant poem…feels like I want to jump puddles now…raining here:) Hugs x

  47. mairmusic Says:

    TOTALLY great photograph– wow! Time to save/ what you forgot– you definitely got me with that line. Nicely done!

  48. I love those bouncing drops! Marvellous photo…did you lie down amongst those raindrops to capture that photo? Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain (as Adam daydreams his poetry to life lying prone with a camera on the sidewalk)This is a great visual of a visual in the making. πŸ™‚ Heartspell

  49. LOL needless to say, my neighbors think I’m a bit weirdβ€”I totally understand. No worries. lol cheers, heartspell

  50. I awakened to rain this morning. Thus your poem is but a memory after a long hot day. Refreshing to read and remember.

    • Leslie, it’s about the thunderstorm here yet again. Planned a little trip for the weekend and hope the weather turns nice. fingers crossed. lol

  51. What a treat to hear the poet read his own work! I really enjoyed this, Adam. There is something about the cadence of it that reminds me of the rain you’re writing about. Beautifully done! (and i LOVE the accompanying picture!)

  52. Thanks, shay. Mad respect for your poetic artistry and commentary. cheers!

  53. I’m a huge fan of the storms..!! πŸ™‚ Love the poem Dustus, and listening to it in your own voice was an added treat..!!


  54. Thanks, Ilakya πŸ™‚ I’m a fan of storms too, with the exception of storms occurring while on vacation. lol Hoping the weather improves here. cheers

  55. i have just one word…
    and the exclamations mean wat they are meant to be πŸ˜€

    awesome pic tooo πŸ˜€

  56. Meg! *smiles* I dig the new look of the Megzone πŸ™‚

  57. Hi, really evocative poem and photo. I can feel the rain – it’s great.

    • Hey Lawrence. As a novelist/blogger, I encourage you to try some Flash 55s. It’s really good practice. Think it’s helping to improve my writing. cheers

  58. Really like this one Adam…reminded me of when I was a child watching the rain fall near my home…thanks for the warm memory.

  59. Thanks for sharing your excellent work with everyone. I keep trying to read my poetry because of the inspiring example you set through yours. Cheers, Charles


  60. Just received your book “In & Out of Line and am elated:):):) x

  61. *smiles* and heartfelt thanks, Amanda. :):):) Hope you like it.

  62. I’m never disappointed when I stop by this blog to have a read, and this is no exception. Very nice vision comes to my mind in full surround sound…raindrops on the sidewalk have a soothing white noise effect on my ears; I could hear them as I read.

  63. another superb pic. by the way, i really adore your pix, they are not mere compliments.

    your words painted rain perfectly.

  64. I know you’re sincere, trisha. Everyone knows that πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend!
    cheers πŸ™‚

  65. Wow.
    I’ve never seen blogland so ineractive before.
    It’s wonderful.
    I really like this poem.
    I cared for a reading with this one.
    Great job

    • Hey K! It’s going to get more interactive, for sure; especial with the Arts Web Show making its mark on the ‘Net!

  66. Ahhh, natures faucets are at it again, and the never-ending talent of Adam shines through the clouds.

    GORGEOUS pic too!


  67. That photo captures exactly what it was like here the other day! The rain came down in sheets!
    Pain that washed
    imagining free….. lovely lines indeed!

  68. Hi Linda. thank you. I’m enjoying the last days of some time off at the moment. Having a wonderful time πŸ™‚ cheers

  69. I love rain on the sidewalk….
    u r an amazing writer…
    keep rolling
    viva la vida πŸ™‚

  70. Viva la vida! Love that phrase. Thank you!

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