Madison’s Deal (Flash 55)

Beside window daylight streams, Madison bites her lower lip noticing wet sunset miasma materialize ghostly. Anxious paint smears swirling—palate-induced, sleep-deprived, haunting her instability…

“Why?” More demand than question.

“Maddy…” his sigh bypasses reason, facial tone butter yellow. “I’m back for farewell.”

“Why did you?”

“Just couldn’t anymore, Love.”

“Coward!” Madison screams; easel crashing also.

Care for a Reading?


“The Scream” image in title by Edvard Munch.

20 Responses to “Madison’s Deal (Flash 55)”

  1. moondustwriter Says:

    Very well done.

    never liked Munch that much but had to write an essay about this piece when I studied art history – oh the grim memories

    happy Saturday my friend

    will see you for One Shoot

    love from the Moon

    • Not a fan of Munch? Not even Richard Belzer on Law & Order? Talented comedian/actor. lol
      Thanks, moonie. Happy Saturday! Took some photos today for tomorrows One Shoot 🙂

  2. Awesome!!!!! I want the whole story!

    • Makes me feel good that a painter, a true painter who shares her great work, likes this one 🙂
      Cheers Leslie.

  3. Clever Adam 🙂

  4. Love it! Munch and the asylum – fascinating stuff. The scream is silent which makes it more piercing. I like the smeared paint too:)

  5. Smeared paint always seems freeing to me. I love Munch’s body of work. So much feeling in his paintings. cheers, Lynda 🙂

  6. What a character Maddy seems to be.
    And how could i not know good old munch.
    Iconic picture

  7. “Good Old Munch” …has a nice nostalgic ring to it. cheers, K

  8. i do like munch and nicely played 55…coward indeed..

  9. Munch could express through art what many people feel.

  10. wonderful piece.

  11. Okay.. I hardly have words for this one!! The piece is probably more scarier/colder than it would’ve appeared in a movie! Cuz here, it’s a voiceless scream! Brrr…
    Very soon, I am gonna refer to you as the Lord of 55s! 🙂
    You rock, Adam! Heeeyyyy… I was waiting for your 160 yesterday… 😦

  12. Sorry, Kavita. I didn’t know that 160 day was yesterday. I promise to post one soon. I’m filling in for Leslie for One Shot Poetry this week, so my schedule’s been a little hectic. I know, excuses, excuses! lol
    Seriously, your 160 was great and I’m eager to try one.

    • Aww.. I was just being a meanie, Adam! And no, these aren’t excuses you are making.. you do an awesome job at hosting the One Shot whenever you do!! So…take your time with the 160… but I won’t forget to remind you this Saturday about it (just so you have 1 less excuse — heheh, kidding)
      Take care… and keep posting…
      Many hugs…

  13. Wow! Chilling…
    Hey, you’ve involved yourself in a lot of online activities. How do you keep up? Breathless just taking it in.

    Thanks for One Shot …

  14. Hi Jamie. Thanks. I try to find time to write every day.

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