Even from the fairest breeze
Old branches crash & trees lose leaves
Kicked bucket of tears can’t swim upstream
Still wonder when did she think of me?

36 Responses to “Wonder”

  1. Thanks, Raven

  2. oh my!!!

    but nice poem

  3. glad you like it, Harshika. Thank you

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Dustus, Raven Garland. Raven Garland said: RT @Dustus: Wonder: http://wp.me/pnd9L-1×6 […]

  5. Quite an interesting poem and images in this one Adam…thanks for sharing your writing gifts.

  6. Ouch!!!! Hurtful and absorbed in pain, but lovely!
    Your choice of words here is really amazing, Adam…
    “Kicked bucket of tears can’t swim upstream” — that said sooo much…
    Gosh!! You are just too good man!!!

  7. Charles and Kavita…. Just went for a walk and was thinking about blogging and poetry… Your respective comments always seem to help me on a personal level. thanks for that, friends 🙂

  8. Nice. You always have your way with words. I like this one.


  9. You may never know, sir, because we do “inscrutable” really well, having learned it from the cradle. And yet, like the leaves, the slightest breeze can jostle us and send us floating away. Hushing now, before I give us away! 😉

    When I am not presuming to speak for all womankind, I am fairly handy at knowing a fine comment when I see one, and the ones you leave at my blog are insightful and delightful. Thank you!

    • Thank you. I know what it’s like to have had my work ignored, so when I have opportunity to comment, I believe posts are deserving of more than a cursory glance. The first part of your comment is very witty. cheers 😉

  10. the last line completely threw me.
    sometimes four lines is all we really need

  11. “Kicked bucket of tears can’t swim upstream”

    That was worth the price of admission alone.:)

  12. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Hoping I get to post my comment this time! 🙂 Lovely Adam, as always. Excellent finishing line. ~ :)April

  13. Thanks April 🙂 I have no idea what’s up with the commenting issue. Seems like WP has problems sometimes, but they are usually quick to fix and answer inquiries.

  14. I like this style. You used the right words to make it the right image. Thanks. 🙂 Hope you are having a great summer and you enjoy the week with a smile. 🙂

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    viola lost her husband,
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  16. moondustwriter Says:

    I guess that bucket can hold quite a few things
    nice Adam

    hope your week starts out well

    thanks for all you do
    moon smiles

  17. So far, extremely sad; though appreciate the smiles. Thanks

  18. A sad yet beautiful poem Adam – heartfelt

  19. Thanks, Lynda. Hope all’s well 🙂

  20. nice. that kicked bucket of tears line is brilliant adam…

  21. i love the last line …Kicked bucket of tears can’t swim upstream… and i’m so amazed how much you express with just 4 lines
    Thanks also for your nice comment over at one stop – means a lot to me from someone like you

  22. Thanks Bri and Claudia, that’s cool that you both like the the kicked bucket line. Appreciate the feedback.

  23. Great images evoked, in such a short space. Beautiful poem, great from start to finish.

  24. First of all, so sorry you are having a sad week…I genuinely hope it gets unsad and even mostly happy! Was having the same, with carrying things not my own, but have decided to change gears and smile a bit for my family since today is my birthday. So, hang on to some of those leaves, empty buckets can relax and float for a while enjoying the cool refreshing waters, and I am a she who is sending a hug your way today. We must lift our heads to get our chins up.(we includes me). Lovely poem…felt your sadness…wishing you happier days starting today. Heartspell

  25. This week is going well so far! Thanks, heartspell. Thoughtful comment and good advice too.

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