Four Lines (1)

Dew drops bead morning dandelions
Her tears glisten bloodshot eyes
Fumbling thoughts through hours pass
Derailing nighttime tracks of time


I plan to post my One Stop Poetry Friday offering @ 12 am EST. This week’s poem is called “Forever Band” (photo by me from MSU campus). Hope you enjoy it! 
One Stop Poetry

26 Responses to “Four Lines (1)”

  1. wwowoowww… brilliant lines Adam 😀
    lots of depth and most importantly its short n sweet jus 4lines 😀
    i used to write once upon a time..
    sigh!!! lost touch now..
    now everything goes a minimum of 10-12 lines 😛

    • Megzone!!! Miss you. Don’t worry about losing touch. You were posting so much. No worries 🙂 Enjoy your summer a bit before jumping back into the mix. Have some fun 🙂 cheerios

  2. oh my…..

    but lovely lines 🙂

  3. Your poem says a lot in 4 lines. I honestly love it. Its very beautiful.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Dustus, Kira Stann. Kira Stann said: RT @Dustus: Four Lines: […]

  5. moondustwriter Says:

    Shot and sweet Adam

    Wow time passes quickly in a four line poem

    looking forward to Friday

    • Time flies when you’re having fun… and when tweaking code in blogger. lol
      Nice work today, L., especially Vortex.

  6. Oh maaannn! That was deep! That’s the story of an entire lifetime, IN 4 LINES!
    Excellent work, Adam! You totally rock!

  7. What an awesome poem…Your light shines soooo bright my friend. x

  8. wow, powerful lines…

    Re; thanks for reading my blogger account,
    hope that you are NOT offended with the name Adam…

    • NOT at all, my friend, I kind of like the name Adam. lol

      Thanks 🙂 Hope to visit some blogs asap. Speaking of Blogger, been given me fits this afternoon. No worries though 🙂

  9. Y’know, those dew dropped dandelions could be early morning sleep in a pretty gal’s long lashes. I love the way the structure and juxtaposition of your words play with my imagination, Adam.

  10. suzicate Says:

    powerful images in just a few short lines.

  11. Whoa, thanks to Kavita posting a link I was able to find your blog again!
    Good work with just 4 lines.

  12. Hi Cin. That was nice of Kavita. Thanks for following the link. Appreciate that and your comment. Cheers

  13. Wow. You packed a heap of feeling into four lines, Adam. The use of the dandelion in this, it being a weed, is a cool touch. This sadness that “derails nighttime tracks of time”. Ahhhhh! How human.

  14. I always appreciate how you notice the details in my lines! Thanks so much, Leslie. Have a great weekend!

  15. ms. weger Says:

    So much power in brevity. Like how the tracks of time are “nighttime”

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