Dustus on One Stop Poetry Fridays!

Hi Everybody! As part of the One Stop Team, I’ll be posting on Fridays. Today I offer my first TGIF post “Alone in the Chapel.” Come check it out.

*Lyrics & image by me.

Thank you!

25 Responses to “Dustus on One Stop Poetry Fridays!”

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  2. moondustwriter Says:

    you are so smart!!!! I put up on Facebook too

    moon smiles

  3. Hi Adam, you know I love this poem. I know at times we do feel we are alone, but when we sit quitely and listen to Jesus silently speaking to our hearts we know that He is helping us with whatever we are going through, and I can’t think of a better place to feel the love of Jesus than in a chapel. Your words today has reminded me of Jesus’ love and has given me strength. Larry is not doing good at all. He just went through more surgery yesterday, second one in three days, and he will soon start chemo. I have made a new post for my sister who just won the battle of cancer. It is a birthday message for my mom who is now in Heaven.


  4. Admire your heart, Viola. Was on your site looking for your email but couldn’t find it, and a few people have asked if I had it so they could also send you messages. Larry’s fighting so much, and he’s in our thoughts. sigh. Tell him stay strong; keep encouraging. Your poem sounds like an amazing tribute about beating the odds. Nice to hear that about your sis.

  5. Very good poem Adam…I think you conveyed that feeling that one gets entering an empty church so very well…loved the last line is said what many feel during those moments alone.

  6. The last line answered all doubts and questions!!!
    Such a breathtakingly beautiful poem, Adam!

    So often, our fears and insecurities lead us to missing out on a lot..often these prevent us from tapping our hidden potential! If we relax, find peace within, in solitude, we probably will be a step closer to that ultimate goal – Calm and satisfaction!
    A poignant poem indeed! An excellent contribution for One Shot Friday!!!

    Have a relaxed and wonderful weekend! 🙂

    • A relaxed and wonderful weekend sounds excellent to me! You have one too, Kavita. Thank you for all the nice things you said. cheers

  7. What a wonderful poem…as always your talent shines so brightly!! Have a fantastic weekend Adam. ~ Amanda

  8. Hi Adam..
    I just received 2 beautiful awards from Jingle and Ilakya, which I would love to share with you.. I would really be thrilled and honored if you accept them… You will find them here .. they are first 2 on the page! 🙂

    Best Regards,

    • Super nice of you… I’m planning to relax this weekend, so will post on Monday. Thanks for being so thoughtful, Kavita. Appreciate it 🙂

  9. heya!!!

    i got these 2 amazing awards which i want to share with u…
    i;ll be honored if u accept…


  10. Thank you! 🙂

  11. I clicked on the photo and commented on the onestop page, then I saw the comment marker here….sorry about that. Heartspell

    • Hey Heartspell. I totally forgot that I can disable comments for posts. and haven’t even done that here. Next time I post on One Stop, I’ll be sure to do that. Makes more sense that way. My bad. Thanks for reminding me of that 🙂

  12. g;ad to have you on the team dustus..hope you are having a great weekend!

    • Thanks Bri. It was a good one; tried to get away from the computer a bit. Glad to be a part of the team 🙂

  13. excellent.
    It’s all good.
    couldn’t seem to commnet there though.
    Never mind, it does happen from time to time on blogspot

  14. lovely stuff…
    hope that you enjoy your new routine!
    Happy Sunday!

  15. http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/the-celebrate-poet-of-june-award-nomination-announcement/

    the deadline to vote for poets is Sunday…
    one last chance,
    you gain one vote for yourself when you vote 4 others,
    simply reminder, ignore if you dislike it.

  16. Thanks for the nice comment, Jingle. I had to get away from my computer for a while. Sorry I missed the deadline 😦

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