Call It A Day (Flash 55 Fiction)

Reformed past dilapidation, pondering underachievement throughout wonder years, it was now or stay depressed. Whatever Gem had saved, amounting to memories most neurotically contained in the inevitable box—literally, metaphorically, figuratively, deliberately, anonymously—we all get it. The End. He logged off to have a beer with a friend. Unburdened and alive, relieved he finally tried.

Care for a Reading?

*55 Fiction (nanofiction)

18 Responses to “Call It A Day (Flash 55 Fiction)”

  1. For some reason as I read this I though of Mose Allison’s “Gettin’There” Seemed to match the tone of the poem. Cheers!

  2. That was really cool. Enjoyed the video. Wow! Yep. Totally see what you’re saying about the tone. Had to check out his website. Wow! Mose has been, and is, still a major influence (I had no idea)…”His songs have been covered by Van Morrison, John Mayall, The Who, The Clash, Eric Clapton, the Yardbirds, Elvis Costello and Bonnie Raitt to name a few. Van Morrison recorded a tribute album…”
    Mose Allison’s Website:

  3. Adam…
    Sorry about not visiting and commenting last week, but I couldn’t link up to you. Blogger has a problem with wordpress sometimes.
    So if you know how, leave a Hyper-Link in your comment box OK?
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    You are one talented dude.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End…Galen

  4. Very cool of you, Galen. No worries, sometimes I can’t use my WP id to leave comments on other blogs. Thanks for helping me. Here’s my attempted hyperlink:

    Call It A Day

    Thanks again.

  5. yeah, a beer with a friend would be nice…so would unburdening. smiles. nice 55!

  6. Very nice post Adam as always your words are outstanding.

    Larry isn’t doing too well. I am really concern about him. He just don’t seem to be doing any better after almost a week out of the hospital. The swelling in his feet and legs are back, and he wouldn’t let me call the doctor, but he did promise if by tomorrow it wasn’t any better he would let me call. I don’t remember it ever taking him this long to bounce back, but for some reason besides his age it is taking him so much longer. Thank you Adam for asking about him. Your prayers are still much needed.

    Love Viola

    • Sorry, missed this reply last night. Viola, if he’s not doing well, you MUST call. Larry responded great after going in before. Hopefully, the docs can figure out what’s causing the swelling now. Keep me posted.

  7. relaxing and fun 55.
    you never disappoint!

  8. Relaxing and fun 55s… def planning more of that 😉


    week 19 the perfect poet award winner,
    I know you passed to shan, she will be on next week as one of the winners.
    Happy Friday!

  10. Well…you used a lot of big words on this one. lol 🙂 Love it. Have a fun weekend.

  11. moondustwriter Says:

    That’s the way to get out of a rut – have a beer with a friend

    nice 55 my friend

    Happy Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!

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