Pastime (55 Fiction)

Verlander retired the side. Tigers shutout the Angels.  As Spence froze TiVo on his grand HD, he sighs taking a last sip of skunked beer. Minutes past midnight EST—checking email a thousandth final time since yesterday. While expected, the news read pulverizing, howitzer line drive caught between the eyes. Title read: He’s gone.

55 Fiction (nanofiction)

11 Responses to “Pastime (55 Fiction)”

  1. what fun 55.
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Thanks. A happy Wednesday to you too 🙂

  3. Ok..I like this.. but I really do not get it..
    my fault..
    Mine is here
    Happy Sensational Wednesday!

  4. No worries, shakira. The story is about a man watching baseball to kill time waiting for an email that finally arrives. (Lots of baseball lingo).

  5. moondustwriter Says:

    It’s funny when you think of the terms we use for baseball. they could be misunderstood by someone without any baseball knowledge. “Where’d he go?’

    nice 55 my friend

  6. That’s true, Leslie. The late George Carlin did a bit about the language differences between describing baseball v. football. Wasn’t thinking of that when I wrote this, but it’s an amazing routine. Worth checking out…

  7. I miss George Carlin 😦

  8. very interesting piece.

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