Will Change

Am I free
To think
What May?

We through
And life
Will change


31 Responses to “Will Change”

  1. Beautifully said and penned Adam. You keep up the good work. I readly do like these verses there is truth written into them. We do change as we grow older, and I do believe that our rights to think and say what we may is little by little being taken away from us.

  2. Viola, despite some of my more morose posts from months past, I remain an inveterate optimist for one main reasonβ€”blogging. But that’s the ‘Net… Outside of that, I think you’re right about the curtailment of rights. Thank you always for your encouragement and starting my Monday off with some excellent food for thought πŸ™‚

  3. Nicely phrased
    happy May!!!

  4. Thanks, Leslie. Happy May!

  5. well delivered, challenging though it looks simple. well done Adam.

  6. dustus Says:

    Appreciate you saying that. I enjoy writing poems that sound simple. Have a great week, wordwand!

  7. Our freedom is so defined by what we believe…those beliefs build the invisible cage we all live in…..a well turned phrase here dustus.

    • I agree… though our beliefs do not necessarily have to construct a cage. Writing/Art is my attempt to discover my deepest felt beliefs. I do feel free when I write, especially lately.

  8. So potent for such a simple poem

  9. Brevity may lend to wit, as few words have the potential to form powerful lines.
    Thanks, K

  10. Intrinsic intulectuals
    Our thoughts
    In binary code
    For the masses

    Perhaps on many.
    By the few.

    Is my morbidity taking over here?! LOL bought an SLR over the weekend. Going to play this week. I bet they’ll still be streaky photos.

  11. Shan, thanks for the cool reply! Awesome you bought the SLR. Check YouTube to see if they have a tutorial on your camera.

    I’m taking some shots now for HDR. Still getting the hang of it. Hopefully I can make a decent one by Thursday.

  12. well put!

  13. Love your reference to change, here, Adam. Very universal poem. Like it!

    • Interesting you bring that up, Leslie. I mean the notion of “universality.” When I was in school attending literary theory courses, that notion was vehemently torn apart by a few profs. I disagreed respectfully, mentioning visual art in my defense. If you don’t mind, your thoughts on that one?

      • I believe when one writes and presents it to others they no longer control what the reader may derive from their words. We all have different experiences and what we may envision may be completely different from that which the writer wished to portray. I feel that “universal” is a good thing, especially in marketing. Too much information can narrow the field of readers. Your poem, above, can be read as a seasonal piece where the emphasis is on the change of the seasons, literally.
        The word may could mean possibility and seasons refer to the seasons of our lives. That is what I meant. I am surprised that professors would speak about universal as something that is not desired. I think style for an artist and voice for a writer is important, but isn’t part of it designed to communicate? How much better if we write and create in such a manner as to reach more people?

  14. Change is good if YOU feel it needs to be done, right? lol πŸ™‚

  15. Hey Doraz! For the most part yes… while considering others, as you always do πŸ™‚


    *Announcement: I am completely swamped with offline work right now. My apologies for not visiting too many sites these last couple days 😦

  16. Please come over to here and here
    to help me wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Viola.
    Love you!

  17. dustus Says:

    Happy Birthday to Viola!!! πŸ™‚

    Nice of you to do that, shakira.

  18. dustus Says:

    Cool. Thank you

  19. moondustwriter Says:

    For Some reason I cannot get to your new post.
    So I will say Hi Adam and happy Thursday Poet’s Rally
    I know your post is fabulous


  20. dustus Says:

    Thanks Leslie. I took that one down for personal reasons.
    Sorry about that.

  21. Adam your new post “Contrition” is not working, the page is blank.

  22. so correctly spoken.

  23. Thanks trisha. Always appreciate your kind replies πŸ™‚

  24. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/thursday-poets-rally-week-17-may-6-12-2010-homecoming/

    I honor you the three awards from my post, please feel free to share with your other poetry friends…
    have fun!
    thank you for the long time support.

  25. @ Leslie White’s earlier comment:
    (Sorry it took so long to reply)
    “…I think style for an artist and voice for a writer is important, but isn’t part of it designed to communicate? How much better if we write and create in such a manner as to reach more people?”
    I also agree with all you said prior to the part of your comment I quote…
    YES! Communication and connection = much larger issue. Once written/painted/etc.., interpretations depend on so many personal factors that influence one’s perception. However, the fact that art can be shared freely, discussed, supported, and in some case act in a didactic manner… that is why I’m drawn to it.

    Leslie, thank you for the thoughtful reply and excellent explication of “Will Change.”

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