Relationship Talk (humor? 55)

Let’s talk about relationships, shall we? Okay, I’ll start… Used to consider myself a hopeless romantic. However, my last girlfriend said it was hopeless that I could ever be romantic. Guess I wasn’t attentive enough. Consequently, we began to communicate less. For instance, while I watched television in bed, she wouldn’t stop texting her boyfriend.

*55 Fiction (nanofiction)

25 Responses to “Relationship Talk (humor? 55)”

  1. Can’t comment I’m laughing
    Adam you have a way with words
    love your 55

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  3. 🙂
    You rock with the humor in life. lol
    Love is grand….. lol
    Have fun today.

  4. Yes! 2 lols and a smiley face emoticon from a joke teller. Nice 🙂
    The fun has begun. Thanks, Doraz

  5. Adam you crack me up with this one. What an awesome punch line, full of humor. Yes, this one is a winner. I am still laughing.

    • dustus Says:

      That’s great! I’ll be doing more of these in the future. I love writing humor. Thanks, Viola.

  6. LOL. this is cool.
    Some smart humour there

  7. very funny!

  8. What was “he” watching? LOL

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  11. WAKAKAAKAKAKAKAK…well done!
    So well done!

  12. dustus Says:

    hugs 🙂

  13. Ha ha ha! *snort*

    This reminds me of an old episode of the show “Roc” where Roc and his wife were shopping for a new car. His wife wanted one with a nice stereo so they could listen to music on long car rides, but Roc didn’t want to spend the money. So she said, “All right, then, we can spend long car rides TALKING ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP.” (She got the stereo.)

  14. Ha ha! I used to love that show. Thanks, Dennis


    some awards.

    humor, short story, poetry, you are playing in full swing!

  16. that was not very nice of her if “the boyfriend” was somebody other than you.

  17. Just kidding around. I have very nice relationships with those who care about me 🙂

  18. i can understand that perfectly well- if these were true and you would have written them on your blog —— 🙂

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