Illusive Flood

Where do you go when the world splits?
Do you find a beginning or end to it?
Among verdant boughs budding jest
An illusive flood through optic glass

*photo by me

37 Responses to “Illusive Flood”

  1. Beautifully done Dustus. Your words painted pictures in my mind as I read each line. Also the picture gave your poem a special touch. new poem posted by viola.

  2. Enjoyed your poem, Viola. I like the site too. Thanks 🙂

  3. a poem born out of a rich imagination to yield vivid imagery.well done Adam.

  4. Thank you, Sir. Always appreciate your kind words and feeback.
    Cheers, wordwand. Have a great weekend

  5. verdant places
    seem all I have
    when the world
    cracks apart.
    green love

    inspiring, Adam!!


  6. Thank you Adam for reading my poem.

  7. moondustwriter Says:

    your visual and poem work so well together. Making the mind and eyes ponder ‘where do you go?”

    thanks my friend

    • Thanks, Leslie. I run past those woods just about everday and wanted to take a photo since all the snow flooded it out. Kept questioning how the camera would handle the reflections mid-day… glad you like it.

  8. this is so amazing,
    super beautiful photo,
    cool lines…

    Happy Friday!

  9. awesome…. simply superb…
    im running out of words to express the beauty of the poem Adam…
    its breath-takingly beautiful

    • LOL I don’t think you could run out of words, Megz. Your command of language(s) far exceeds mine. Cheers. Have a great weekend 🙂

  10. Wow, the photograph is outstanding. You must enjoy your runs in the woodland.

  11. you start with a great question that can be very metaphorical and then paint it together wonderfully. nice one.

  12. You have managed to get me to say … “WOW!”

  13. Excellent! Congrats to everyone 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for putting in your link.Helps me and others to do catchup!
    WOW.. I almost miss this..
    What a gem!
    You know , FLOODING is such a SURREAL problem in Asia.
    You painted adequate and eloquent words to go with a subtle but amazing picture, Adam!
    Have you a great Sunday!

  15. Thanks, shakira. I cannot imagine the horror of having your community destroyed by a flood. I watched the damage in New Orleans, but I am far removed from that area too. Devastatingly sad. Thanks for sharing your comment. hugs

  16. Me got tribute, awards and nominations
    here and

  17. I like it though i thought the world had already split. lol

  18. LOL I guess I wasn’t sure.

  19. Thank you 🙂 That’s very thoughtful.

  20. well i am a staunch optimist…. so…


  21. …so you perceive a beginning… Me too 🙂


    How are you?
    the perfect poet award logos are changed, it is kind of messy this week, winners feel free to pick any one of those, including previous week logos to display…this is for your information!

    thank you.
    make sure to nominate one poet for week 16. thanks a million!


  23. Doing very well, Jingle. Hope you are too. Kind of a messy week for me as well. I should have everything good-to-go for tomorrow though. 😉

  24. ‘An illusive flood through optic glass’ what a great line Adam! really illustrates this image – and what a great photograph you take! The optical illusion in the pic is almost seamless – great:)

  25. Hi Lynda! The near seamlessness is my favorite aspect of the pic. (Props to Canon for making great cameras). Hope to take plenty more photos in the next few weeks, with a couple of surprises. TY

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