While Summoning

Truth untold
Cover those eyes
Past symbols combine
It’s time

Most difficult lesson
For this ego to learn
Respect for what’s earned
While not summoning
False pride

22 Responses to “While Summoning”

  1. Good Morning, Adam!

    Bravo! I can so relate to that. I was one.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I was busy preparing for my new meme.

    Just to keep you inform via an invitation.
    You do not need to join but please
    join in the laughter.

    I am hosting the Weekend Funnies ,
    where you left a comment.

    Keep the Funnies in your weekend! Smile!


  2. Cool! I’ll definitely surf over for some weekend laughs. That’s a great idea. Weekends should be fun! Have a great one 🙂 hugs,

  3. Thanks, Dhyan. Have a great weekend!

  4. A good lesson in there.

  5. Thank you. I enjoyed Prisoner of Words http://bit.ly/cES2PF among other really good posts on your blog 🙂

  6. moondustwriter Says:

    Many things to learn in this life – sometimes it seems like too many
    We respect you Adam as a fine person and poet!!! Have a donut 🙂

  7. Had a bagel this morning, does that count? lol Oh, about that comment I left earlier, I’m working on a solution. The answer IS social media, but how? Hmm… 🙂

  8. Oh My…!!! brilliant verses…!!
    that was simply marvelous adam..
    sheeshh… my poetry looks so kiddish in comparison 😕

    • Pshaw… no way on that last statement. You are definitely one of the most creative poets I’ve read on the ‘Net 🙂 Thanks

  9. truly loved the second para-this is the toughest part – receiving a well deserved standing ovation with humillity but confidence.

  10. Thank you., Trisha. It is an honor, and a dream come true, to share my work with everyone 🙂

  11. Thanks!

  12. Read this earlier today…but forgot to leave a message..well I think there was form to fillout and I hate forms…any way…I believe respect is earned…not given as a function of someone’s title or profession…I like this poem.

  13. I agree, Martin. Respect is earned. Speaking of which, I’ve noticed in many comments people “getting” & appreciating your work. It’s cool to see that. Thanks for the encouragement you’ve given all of us.

  14. such truth and wisdom.
    nice one

  15. Thanks, K 🙂

  16. cool thinking,
    beautiful poem as always!
    Happy Saturday!

    it is snowing in my place, things are upside down…

  17. It’s snowing here too. After a a bunch of days of beautiful weather, I wasn’t expecting this. More like I checked the weather report, and just chose not to believe it. lol

  18. Ego.. The tiny small three letter word – in size; the huge soul burden and biggest barrier standing in between us and our humanity!

    Oh my.. What’s this i just wrote? I have no clue 🙂

    But your poem is amazing Adam.

  19. Thanks, what you said makes sense 🙂

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