Thank You! “Post” Rally Thoughts

I wish to thank shakira & Alina ( for their thoughtful awards. In addition, thanks to everyone who visited, and to those who left comments. Through this fun process I learned about some excellent blogs & individuals I did not know. Thanks to Jingle for organizing the rally. Thanks to Yousei for accepting my nomination. You all made my week very special, and I’m grateful.

Have a great Friday!

15 Responses to “Thank You! “Post” Rally Thoughts”

  1. moondustwriter Says:

    you deserve them Adam!!!!

  2. Have a great weekend, Leslie! TY 🙂

  3. beautiful!
    Happy Friday!

  4. Happy Friday! I’m ready for the weekend. Thanks for all of your efforts 🙂

  5. I just can not keep up with you! CONGRATS! Magical fun for your world! lol May it continue! 🙂

  6. Funny joke this morning. In order to verify the findings, I’m still willing to accept the 15 k to conduct the experiment. ha ha

  7. Your welcome,my friend!!! 🙂

  8. Cool, congratulations!

  9. Thanks, I think blogging’s cool, and Paris of course lol 🙂

  10. Dearest Adam,

    How did you get the awards to shine like that?

    I love giving you awards whenever I can,
    you know why?
    Of course you deserve them but most of all,
    I can feel that you really appreciate them
    and I am humbled.

    Have a great week, Adam.


  11. The answer is Photoshop! Color level adjustment + slight use of the Smart Sharpen Filter will usually enhance an image. I applied an outer glow too.
    Thanks, shakira 🙂

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