Out of Place

Falling snow in lamplight glow
Descending crystals magical
Missing more than common ground
Fearing nothing will be found

Estranger than a lonely day
Spirits feign, snickers fake
Anachronistic hints I waste
Reflective leers, out of place
Sidelong cast by eyes mistake
Writing until morning breaks…

Slumber for each chosen line
Lacking heart, fine polish, shine
Go ahead, true help we find
Not Rip Van Winkle losing time

13 Responses to “Out of Place”

  1. Well….thank you for all of your time and effort with all of your great words for us! 🙂 Make it a great day! 🙂

  2. D, I’ve formed the habit of checking your blog for jokes each morning. lol Thanks and have a great day as well 🙂

  3. i only “met” the guy short time ago on Val’s place..

    somewhat happy read. or so i found it..

    • Hi Dhyan. That’s one I haven’t read in many years. I’ll have to revisit after a whole bunch of years go by lol

  4. beautiful and thoughtful!
    lacking heart, fine polish, and shine..
    awesome lines!

  5. Sounds like an ode to a not so bad obsession. Nice poem, Dustus.

  6. moondustwriter Says:

    Everyone and everything can have those out of place moments.
    Thanks for posting “Out of Place”- gives frame of reference

    you are so not out of place 🙂

  7. How excellent, Jingle! I may have said this before, but if not, what a great way to learn about what everyone else is up to these days. Fun stuff. I find myself cheering for everyone, and that’s by far the best part 🙂

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