You’re Missing

I can’t wait until it is spring
Dinner light through backyard screens
Moonshine still, sunset breeze
Floral center candles gleam
Winter prompting summer scenes

Until evening
Quiet night proceeding
Hosts of shaded
Leaves sway right
Fireflies winking flight

More than life, before a chance…
Forever blaming circumstance
Yeah it brings you
Break down and hate through
Innocent pleas too
Dreams new
Seem true

Valley Roads, down empty streets
Broken hearts scream incomplete
Full of wishing, bullshit, phishing
frozen shares, snowfall misting
Stop signs sporting iced coats glistening
Give it all and that you’re missing
What confounds the place in time
Curiosities on mind

4 Responses to “You’re Missing”

  1. Your line “Forever blaming circumstance” reminded me of when my best friend talks about ‘professional victims’ …enjoyed this poem.

  2. Interesting mention of perceptions and labels. “If you label me, you negate me.” Kierkegaard. I agree. Thanks, slpmartin

  3. i miss spring too adam

    love specially the last stanza. like very much the notion and roll of it..

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