Awkward Silence

Eyes not lying
I am dying
Spoke through sobbing
Hysterical crying

Maybe 4 a.m
Hollow deafening dark
Below zero wind chill
Strolling through
The snow covered park
Always meaning
To schedule a walk
Being out of touch
Hurt all the more

My advice sounds useless
Shallow guilt amid jest, awkward silence
Unwanted anxious suspense

I never know what to say
Nor comfort the kindest way
Words form clouded
It later rained

12 Responses to “Awkward Silence”

  1. I like the images in this poem…in particular the “Hollow deafening dark”…what a great line.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment. Glad you like it. I hope to post again soon.

  3. Wow Adam, I really love this. He would be proud, most definitely. I’m sad too. Glad you shared that, it’s beautiful.

    • I’m glad you like this one, Nicole. Have to tell you that the gender of the person is not male. From that hint, I think the readers may now be able to guess the topic of the talk. Thanks and visit again, Adam 🙂 BTW-like your writing blog @ Cheers

  4. If the gender is female,then it makes a lot more sense.
    I really like this post.
    I can relate to it, oh dear….

  5. An Imperfect Servant Says:

    Adam, your ability to mix in emotion in simple, short and clipped phrases never ceases to place a smile upon my lips. After I was done with the emotional ride I could sit back and appreciate the impact and the volumes that is spoke. A truly great piece, Adam.

  6. moondustwriter Says:

    “I never know what to say nor comfort the kindest way” Hmm makes ya ponder. Very nice poem Adam
    but then I love each one

    • Extremely kind of you, Leslie. Your comment makes me think of the old adage about a person being their own worst self-critic, which I definitely am at times. Thank You 🙂

  7. I shouldn’t read the comments, Adam. I don’t think it matters about gender, here. I think it matters that it expresses humanity in many situations. I like.

    • I agree. Gender should not matter unless it drastically alters the meaning, which it may or may not do here, depending on the reader 🙂

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