Reflections in Rain…

Within concentric circles sills
Upside down for wonder chills
Penumbral moisture surrounds the spot
Dreams in watery parking lots

Such moments when you think you see
Or knowingly pretend you’re free
Teardrops ripple aqueous trees
Captured by a shuttering speed

Vision of lost gravity
Discovering our physical reality
Revealing a portal
Moments unexplained
That was one day
Reflections in rain…

8 Responses to “Reflections in Rain…”

  1. The photo and poem work very well together to create a stronger mental image.

  2. Now, I really like the rain….
    Now, after reading this…
    Nice reflections!

  3. moondustwriter Says:

    Love it all from the photo down to the last drop…

  4. reflections in rain
    play in my brain
    with drops of wonder
    image and thought
    not always what is caught
    in the lense of my minds eye
    I see me trying to see you
    reflected in time.

    lovely 🙂

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