Along The Road of Life…

Along The Road of Life….

Powder blue highlights
Hints of sky
Into the death valley
Human over drive

Desolate Kerouac, barren tracks
Discovering freedom and not looking back
Objective against empty essence for time
Spirit revealing new worlds to find

Dreaming beyond faint mountain tops
The journey in our mind that never stops
What was once seen weaved into scenes
Relative moments unfocus to being

*photo by Irinia Sorokina, professor of optics & photonics @irina_sorokina
Thanks, Irinia 🙂

4 Responses to “Along The Road of Life…”

  1. dream high,
    dream wide,
    you stretch your imaginations
    and get fulfilled…

    happy poem,

  2. it reads really well.
    it built uo to a great ending

  3. Thanks. Gotta tell ya I’m really enjoying the discussions on your blog, as well as the posts. Cheers

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