What’s Going On?

Reading the book Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It’s Becoming, And Why It Matters by Scott Rosenberg. I find it fascinating how blogging is placed in multiple historical contexts, in particular technological development, political voice, and intrepid self-expression through online diarists and creative writers. Lots of life lessons in this book that strongly recommend bloggers read.  I’ll write more about it soon.

Stopped smoking cigarettes completely. Done! Finito! I wasn’t a heavy smoker to begin with, and I exercise every day, so that’s not too tough a task for me. Cutting down on my coffee consumption—entirely different story.

Began a new hobby that I’m really getting into. I’m currently experimenting with the art of HDR photography. Summarized crudely, it is the combination of multiple image exposures of the same subject in a software program. I’m blown away by some of the HDR images I’ve seen in books and on the Internet. If you want to see what I’m blogging about, here’s the google image search link for HDR Photography. I love the “hyperrealism” of this new art. Worthy checking out!  I’d like to post some of my own once I get a better handle on using Photomatix

Revising this weekend and planning the next video clip.

Have a great weekend!

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