Once Spoken

Icicles stalactite-sized
Adorning gutters and power lines
Glimmering strands of Christmas light
Alberta Clipper stings tonight

Blinking traffic signals
Ambient glow from rows of street lamps
Present a quiet city morning
Before college classes resume
Legislative minds renewal
New agendas after the holidays
Trying to fix a choking economy

Joy riders in a navy Ford Focus
Lay on their blaring horn
Announcing dawn like a wake up call
Startling stray pedestrians

Car lights blur speeding past
Slick peel-out, had gunned the gas
The focus reflected in limo-windowed
Empty building glass
Lingering alongside a fifth beep
Fading streak, slow to recede
Low echoing
Beyond summarized voices
Once spoken, now gone
Passing monuments on the Capitol lawn
Snow clump stuck to the V in ‘Nam

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