Spirits Erode

Cold fever
Hands shake
Sweating through
Hospital gowns
Fading baby blues
New families pray

Cross lines choke
A fettered strain
Turning backs
IVs in veins

Restless, awake
Fears, recessional breaks

Last words
Lips crack like ice
Still eager for change
Unvoiced through elderly eyes
A twinkling firelight therein
Muted contentions explode
Frail hands kind nurses
Continue to hold

Spirits erode
Others, my own

Good people out of work
Losing their homes
Cheated by interest on
Discredited loans

Educated to inherit
A porcelain throne
Exorbitant tuition costs
Half a country promoting decay
Medical bills too high to pay
Without counsel for fine print
Over which 20/20 vision squints
Before our future vision goes
And faint humanity with it

2 Responses to “Spirits Erode”

  1. An Imperfect Servant Says:

    An excellent commentary on society and humanity.
    Love the construction of the clipped phrases and ideas.

  2. Thank you. Really enjoyed the pieces I read yesterday on your blog. Lots of honesty and emotion in your work.

    listed on my Blogroll as “brainstew-Impressions Personified” http://ethotericthough.wordpress.com/

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