Web Designer Magazine—A Great Resource

Web Designer magazine is awesome! If you design sites or want to improve the look of your blog, this resource can really help you. I’ve been reading, learning from, and enjoying this publication for over a year now. It’s produced in the UK and worth every penny. There are tons of technical and design tips in every issue. I purchase it just about every month from my local Barnes & Noble.

The latest issue presents an overview of the “Top WordPress Plug-ins.” So most definitely, if you blog using a self-hosted WordPress account, check out this magazine.
website: http://webdesignermag.co.uk
twitter: http://twitter.com/WebDesignerMag

4 Responses to “Web Designer Magazine—A Great Resource”

  1. This is a great magazine for sure, thanks for the reminder. Can you get this one on the kindle?

  2. I ran an amazon.com search and found no subscription option for Web Designer on kindle. You can order a regular magazine subscription, which would save a couple bucks on each issue.

  3. Cool! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.

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