eh, strange

Echoes less deaf
Smudged composite sketch
Everything sounds
Stuck to my promise
This life, every ounce

Storms did ignite
Ranting plight
Mid synaptic frights
Frigid shivers none too proud
Having had to beg for my life
Shouts gain ground
Hope you don’t know
What it’s like
So many wrongs
A need to write

An afterward
Prologues deranged
I am not one bit
More like
eh, strange

2 Responses to “eh, strange”

  1. you really do do interesting things with your poems

    • Thank you, my friend. Appreciate the visit—my respect. I’m thinking about filming more, making short poetic documents of my environment. Perhaps that’s your influence to blame. lol So I think I’m going to try to express myself more as a film narrator. Should make for an interesting year lol

      Hey Everybody…. is definitely one of my favorite blogs.
      May I link to your blog?


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