The Facebook Era—It’s Complicated?

Social Media makes it easier than ever for people to reach out beyond immediate networks and geographical confines— profoundly affecting individual lives, communication, and professional practices. The Facebook Era by Clara Shih examines this current sociological phenomenon, as well as the significant implications for all Facebook users.

According to Shih, over 200 million people worldwide are logging into Facebook, and it appears that interlinking across social sites is becoming more common for individuals and lucrative for businesses. The ability to message across Internet platforms certainly renders us an interesting and interactive digital society.

Facebook has grown massively in a short period of time. Drawing from her IT experience, Clara Shih provides clear insight into the promise of social networking and its diverese uses on Facebook. This book is more than a series of instructions on to how to best understand Facebook, place highly-targeted advertisements, or invite friends and colleagues to events. Rather, The Facebook Era offers speculation about our future being an even more interconnected world where social platforms are enhanced by third-party applications.

Surprisingly, I also learned a great deal about LinkedIn reading this book. In addition, it was eye-opening to read about how many companies recruit and attempt to make the Facebook experience more interactive for customers through games, sharing content, and efforts at online relationship-building.

The Facebook Era
concludes by considering the future of our increasingly connected world. I believe Shih is correct in stating, “…we must completely rethink our relations, interactions, and business strategies.” Indeed, the future may be more people-centric with technology used to enhance a balance between online and offline worlds.

Really enjoyed this book!
The Facebook Era = “It’s Complicated” lol. Seriously though, a great book about our current digital world and the future of social media. Highly Recommended.
Clara Shih
is an author, blogger, and entrepreneur who pioneered the use of social networks for business in 2007 with her Faceconnector application, which integrates Facebook and Salesforce CRM… (read more)
Author interview via YouTube:  In this clip, Clara Shih discusses Facebook, her inspirations, immigrating to the United States, and the possibility of creating your own destiny.

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