PROBLOGGER (Book Review by A. Dustus)

Over the last several months, I have read every book I could find about blogging and customizing self-hosted blogs. However, many “blog books” are more technical than entertaining. Nonetheless, there are a few current gems in major bookstores. The sparkling diamond among all the books about blogging may be PROBLOGGER: Secrets to a Six-Figure Income (Darren Rowse & Chris Garnett).

PROBLOGGER: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure IncomeAllow me to preface this review by stating that I appreciate books that are brutally honest and straightforward, especially when it comes to technological subject matter. While still maintaining an encouraging tone and presenting models for best practice, Rowse and Garrett explain the realities of earning income through managing multiple blogs, still having a life, and initiating networks far larger than a single website.

PROBLOGGER (the book) is a useful guide for implementing various publishing options. I think of it as a handy reference manual of insights into blogging as both an art and potentially lucrative business. My copy of PROBLOGGER is dog-eared throughout, highlighted on every page, and smells like I spilled coffee all over it (because I did in a moment of early morning klutziness). The library might not even accept my beat-up copy as a donation. I also scribbled inky notes all over the margins of many pages. At times it felt like a productive workbook.

= A Must Read for bloggers seeking advice on just about every blogging topic

Darren Rowse is the guy behind, which has become one of the leading places on the Web for information about making money from blogs. Darren also edits the popular Digital Photography School ( as well as numerous other blogs.

Chris Garrett is a writer, Internet Marketing Consultant, and of course, professional blogger.  As well as his own blog,, he writes for many sites including the Blog Herald, FreelanceSwitch, CopyBlogger, and even occasionally ProBlogger.

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