Get a restraining order against the bully IF your school does not take action. You deserve to feel safe. –

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  1. An Imperfect Servant Says:

    An alternative, take self defense classes and just put that bully in his place, but only in your defense.

  2. How’s it going? You bring up a very good point… In fact, studying martial arts was my course of action throughout school. I practiced karate to protect myself. However, some schools are pitiful when it comes to protecting students, providing mandated educational services, and including those who are different. Unfortunately, that side of the story seems conveniently missing from the media. In fact, the safety of many students is often trumped by legalities and lack of concern. It’s not uncommon for school administrations to do nothing about bullying. I’ve even heard administrators discuss it as if bullying were “necessary” for building character. That really bothers me. Thanks for your comment.

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