Twitter Wit (“Joke Book” Review by A. Dustus)

twitter witI usually take a new book with me on road trips. Reading seems to make the downtime pass enjoyably, especially when I’m laughing all the way to New Jersey. However, I admit to having difficulty selecting quality quick reads for such adventures. After all, road trips warrant books that are interesting, funny, and small enough to still see the road while driving. Seriously, don’t read and drive!  Audiobooks are suitable for twelve hours on the road.

Every time I login to Twitter, I know I’m bound to read something hilarious within a few minutes of checking my tweet stream. Aside from the interactivity and dialogue, Twitter Wit represents what I like best about “tweeting.”  In my opinion and as the book’s subtitle asserts, the collective humor in Twitter Wit truly is “brilliance in 140 characters.” To quote Twitter Cofounder Biz Stone (from the book’s Foreword): “Sharp, quick, inventive, intelligent, with a natural aptitude for words, ideas, and humor: The very definition of wit brings to mind the people with whom I share my days.”  While Bizz could have been talking about me (just kidding), he refers to countless Twitter users who share their insights and witticisms with the world.

After three years of sorting through tweets, Nick Douglas has compiled some of the best lines, asides, puns, humorous complaints, and zingers. This book is really a joke book—and a pretty good one.  What I appreciate most is that the material, with the exception of a few professional comedians, is drawn directly from the Twitterverse. Obviously, there are some very creative people out there, many of whom I follow just to read their witty posts.

Twitter Wit = lol!


Nick Douglas is a tech writer and founding editor of, and has also written for Wired, Slate, and the Huffington Post.  Visit his website @ Nick’s Twitter page is

You can also find me on Twitter @

5 Responses to “Twitter Wit (“Joke Book” Review by A. Dustus)”

  1. Deanna Schrayer Says:

    As a quote lover, I’m intrigued by your review of Twitter Wit. Now I must go straight and buy it. 🙂
    Thanks for this!

  2. michael Duvall Says:

    Another great book Review, keep them coming Adam !!

  3. What a fun Ha Ha Ha ha. . . . . . . . . . .


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