Twitter Power (Book Review by A. Dustus)

Twitter Power

I feel compelled to begin this review with a confession…. Forgive me, Facebook, for I tweet too much. My name is Adam, and I may have become addicted to Twitter. As far as I know, support groups don’t deal with Twitter Addiction yet, so I will continue to indulge for now. Luckily, I discovered a quick read at local bookstore. It’s called Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time (by Joel Comm). While normally I don’t select reading material that sounds geared toward business or has the word “dominate” in the title, this book is different.

To my surprise, Joel Comm presents a very encouraging understanding of Twitter as being far more than merely a means of broadcasting a sales-pitch. Comm claims the platform’s mass appeal stems from the positive side of sharing free content and embracing new technology in an increasingly connected world. Admittedly, I first assumed incorrectly that Twitter Power’s main point would be to reveal all the tricks and automated programs I suspect some Tweeps and corporations may use for building a massive number of followers. And the book does reveal that—in fact, Joel Comm explains it all clearly without getting too technical.

While this book reveals the truth that there is no scientific formula to gaining a quality following, Twitter Power does provide many clear, effective strategies for communication with like-minded “followers.” What I found most interesting about this book exists in the emphasis Comm places on what he considers “The Art of the Tweet” (Ch. 5). After all, it can be a challenge to come up with something interesting or funny all the time in 140 characters. However, his tips help. They were pragmatic and useful. Taking his advice, you may find yourself interacting with some very interesting Tweeps from around the world.

Despite some of the stereotypes perpetuated through traditional media about Twitter being pointless or mindless—at it’s best, Twitter acts as a personal broadcasting tool to create options and social potential. Often in a tone of altruistic idealism, Comm encourages quality relationship building and the formation of new communities. For beginners, he explains how Twitter is unique from other forms of social media like Faceboook, MySpace, Linkedin, Flickr, Squidoo, as well as other microblogging gems like Spoink, Yammer, Plurk. For the more advanced Twitter user, search strategies and 3rd party software options are revealed, along with link information and tips for maximizing the enjoyment of your Twitter experience.

My conclusion:
Twitter Power
= A Must Read for anyone who wants to know the scoop on what Twitter can do.

Here’s a book review of Twitter Power by Shane Gibson via You Tube…

2 Responses to “Twitter Power (Book Review by A. Dustus)”

  1. michael Duvall Says:

    Thank you for the Review Adam, I had my doubts about this book, but after reading your review, I may check it out when I get a break from school.


    • Thanks, Michael! Twitter Power was fun to review. I found it more practical than theoretical. I use many of the tips Joel Comm explains. Twiiter is such an amazing tool for obtaining expert knowledge and generating professional (and personal) dialogue. Plus, it’s fun and addicting. lol

      Also, WebDoctus has a cool new design (along with lots of great social media tips & info).

      Enjoy your courses,

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