bloggers on busI must confess to being addicted to blogging. Back in November of 2008, I wrote my first entry and hit the “post” button reluctantly. In fact, I knew next to nothing about the blogosphere, key personalities, or such informative online leadership. After blogging for ten months, Bloggers On The Bus by Eric Boehlert caught my eye in the bookstore. Without question, it is one of the best nonfiction books I have read in many years.

Bloggers On The Bus offers the reader a window into the lives of the individuals who prompted an online interactive political movement. Philip de Vellis, Alegre, Susie Madrak, Jane Hamsher, Howie Klein, Glenn Greenwald, Phil Munger, Lee Stranahan (to name a few) demonstrate their passion for political discourse, oftentimes overcoming great obstacles.

Bloggers On The Bus details the work of the liberal blogosphere from the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primaries to Obama’s win in the general election. What struck me as most fascinating was Eric Boehlert’s insights about the beginnings of this movement. Feeling a backlash of progressive invisibility and growing cynicism with the Bush Administration, many liberal intellectuals began posting media and discussing issues often missing from traditional news reporting. Many bloggers of this ilk challenged promotion of stories claiming to be “fair and balanced.”

Beyond the thorough recounting of the political blogosphere, Eric Boehlert reveals the novel lengths Barack Obama implemented in order to reach voters online. Still, while often ignoring blogs and generous online support, Obama directed some bold new moves through social media channels. This insight alone renders this book a must read. Nonetheless, you might come to the conclusion that I did. If not for the sacrifices of many bloggers, McCain-Palin could be drilling a hole the size of The Great Depression deep into our collective progressive heart —the real majority of The United States who want health care and deserve quality news that is not insulting to one’s intelligence.

With the help of blogs and social media, historic change in American society became reality. Thanks to Eric Boehlert for documenting a true online revolution.

Bottom Line: Bloggers On The Bus = Definitely A Must Read!

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