Without Place or Time

Come soothing human voice
Ocean sprawl faint in ear-shaped shells
Telling love of choice
Lie to me and go to hell

As if life could demand
Whispers your heart beat
Feet stuck in soaked sand
Don’t think of myself as better than
Brazen lesser yields of hand

Fault lines, drifting tides
Brisk night air
To ease my mind
Troublesome past
Has been typed
Beneath yellow stars
That twinkle shine
Firmament winking
Spirits opine
Eternity restless
Without place or time

2 Responses to “Without Place or Time”

  1. Great piece! I am fascinated by the way you refer to Eternity as restless… Yes it is because it is not still and motion is part of it exactly like its silence screaming even louder for there is no limit of space or time!

    • Thank you. Very much appreciate your kind and eloquent insight. Glad you like the piece 🙂 (If you have a blog or website, feel free to post the link next time—that goes for everyone!)

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