Writing Saves Lives

Eternity recall
Feeling aloneA. Dustus
Bullwhip thunder
Oil slick-sky

Brave to fear
A hold on hope
Brakes apply
No inside jokes

Clearing rain
Wash away
La fontaine Médicis
Lingering pain

Calm the seas
Banished game
I for one
Broken explain…

Give your all
Don’t fail to try
So you never live down
Nor fallen subside
Everyday comfort
Inner strength hides
No labels to seek
Writing saves lives

2 Responses to “Writing Saves Lives”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    i agree, writing or rather the joy of reading saved my life in hard times

    • Kokot, thanks for sharing your personal experience. I think the aspect of writing that really helped me figure things out (and thus get my life on track) is that writing/blogging can prompt me to greater openness in dealing with what may be bothering me. Writing is a cathartic art, and that’s precisely why I really enjoy blogging so much. Perhaps my most personally beneficial pieces emerge over time with persistence.
      (also, I’m still trying to figure out blogging…. Would you mind if I add you to my blogroll? I like your art very much)

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