Most Viewed Poem for Dustus Blog is… Love We Don’t Choose

Over the last nine months, the following poem received the highest number of hits:

Love We Don’t Choose

My heart beats mad
Thinking of you
And what could have been
Love we don’t choose

Could she be
The one for me?
Being burned before
I live tentatively

This time of my life
Feels incomplete
Sweet cheery blush
Her spirit relief

Need someone to care
To live free on dare
My poetry beyond real
Can’t deny what I feel

Wanting so bad
Certain someone to like
Waited with patience
Wasting my life

I’m much older now
Self-conscious of age
Regrets are my burden
Beauty’s not grace

Can’t deny being lonely
My self enslaved
Past choices pathetically
Lost in a maze

What will I do?
Writer’s curse
Long for life
Yearn in verse

Yet doubt is natural
Trust tore me anew
Nobody knows
What I’m going through

Still hope in my dreams
Truth trumps bitter times
Been searching for love
Perhaps losing my mind

3 Responses to “Most Viewed Poem for Dustus Blog is… Love We Don’t Choose”

  1. I see that this poem was the most viewed, yet not one comment. Hmm… Reading the poem again after having forgot about it, I think I understand why people did not comment. Thank you.

  2. this poem is simply coming out of the heart,therefore it reaches one’s heart immediately. it is describing a state we all passed used direct words to visualize your sentiments.i think that is one reason many people might relate to it . i was taken with every line to that very state once i lived.
    so,i think it can be considered as a very good piece in your work..:)

    • Thank you, Abeer. Appreciate you taking the time to consider my lines. It was very nice to meet you on Twitter this morning. Keep writing, sharing, and encouraging others. That’s what it’s all about 🙂 Cheers!

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