I keep a school picture of Jenny in my wallet. Neither of us has anyone else’s picture. (con’t) –https://dustus.wordpress.com

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  1. Your simple post made me think.

    I have never carried a single picture in my wallet. Perhaps it is the weird juxtaposition of the ones I love most in this world, hanging out—flattened—with me sitting on them most of the day. But, beyond that, I think it is somehow disrespectful to hold those most dear next to the money . . . on call for all to see.

    Instead, I prefer to keep every picture ever taken in my head and heart. If anyone else wants to see, they will just have to look for themselves, for the real thing is absolutely exquisite! Em

    • Hi Em! I don’t keep pictures of anyone in my wallet either. I can’t say the same for many students after their homeroom teachers hand back their class pictures. They seem to trade them like baseball cards.

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