Stand Up

Forgotten smog of toxic vapor
Silver linings thin as paper
Each day like my own leap year
Sprung from a box
Laugh till you tear

May sound silly
Giggles and gestures
When it comes to love—
Call me court jester

Tongue-tied and tender
More shy than brave
For all that I tell
Go laugh in my face
If wise cracks a chuckle
Then I’m okay

A being at comfort
Know who I am
Catch my face smile
Think of it then
Acting goofy
Long as I can stand
Up to me

5 Responses to “Stand Up”

  1. Recently, Cheryl went to visit our daughter in Idaho, where they took a horse-drawn sleigh out into a meadow (in winter) where they fed a herd of nearly 100 Elk. When the driver called out “Stand UP” the horses began moving forward.

    Your title can conjure up the meaning of “taking a stand,” or standing up to someone which could even turn into a confrontation. Or, it can speak to the act of moving forward. I like that interpretation, of acting out of personal resolve/intention that is consistent with who we are—our inner truth. As you say “A being at comfort Know who I am.”


  2. Hi Em! Interesting coincidence with the horse-drawn sleigh. I like your interpretation very much.

    I’ve been writing a great deal of comedy lately, and find it a relaxing way to unwind and just be silly. It’s such a great diversion from writing seriously all the time. A friend of mine performs stand up comedy and I am trying to help him with writing. In discovering my humorist side, I believe I am now striking an important balance in my life.

    All the best to you and your family! Always nice to hear from you.


  3. I appreciate your thoughtful response and especially like the quote. Thanks for visiting and commenting again. I am grateful 🙂

  4. I know what you mean about striking a balance. We just finished a new song/story called “Lighten Up.” Several close friends suggested that we might let the jester out on stage a bit more often. We are really quite funny people in our day to day but it just doesn’t always come out in our work. That is partly why we started making the “Behind the Scenes” videos to bring more personality into the mix. Good luck with your balance. Sounds like you are well on your way.
    c and e

    • Em, your projects sound very interesting. I’ll be certain to peruse your great blog this weekend. Thanks sincerely for the kind words. I’m feeling really good these days and suspect that may be projecting more in my work. I’m glad to share my writing and also like to hear about what other writers are composing—thanks for sharing. As you know, comedic projects really “lighten up” one’s mood. I’m truly enjoying the process.

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