Finding My Place

78 degrees warming cheer
Sounds of cars rushing near
Separating cotton clouds
Sky bare blue with little shroud

Points of doubt
Flower-lined pier
Lost clarity
Finally here

Walk through the city
Knowing home
Being, time questioned
Feel less alone

Inspired by life
Self-conscious apace
As sure as I can
Finding my place

6 Responses to “Finding My Place”

  1. In the spirit of co-creative spontaneity, your poem “Finding My Place,” seemed to have a connection with this piece called “Homecoming.”

    • Emerson, that is a very touching story—I feel honored that you feel a creative connection between the two pieces.
      What I appreciate most about the story was the unconditional love expressed for a child who has grown to be honest and steadfast in giving his all. Such bonds flourish with genuine support and encouragement. Enjoyed reading it. Thank you very much for the compliment.

  2. dustus,
    Just for the record, that is not my picture. I am neither the woman nor the dog. There has been some mixing of the images on our computer (appropriately curious as we have set out to integrate our lives)—that happens to be my wife Cheryl holding Abby. If only I could look so good.

    • lol. I’ll make sure to make future visits to your blog @

      • Great! help yourself, it is all free for the taking. We will continue to find connections between our stories and your posts, and send the link on . . . you never know, it could spark some creative moments both ways.
        Kind regards,
        c and e

      • That will be great! I’ll certainly be on the lookout for common creative threads—always a great spark for dialogue. I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading more from your blog. Very cool, I look forward to it. Many thanks C & E. Talk to you soon.

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