By Literal Heights

I’ve written from the “I”
3rd person narrations
Stream of conscious strides
Omniscient intentions, vitriolic suggestions
Intrapersonal communication, outer tensions
Considering my craft precious as air
Writing a way of breathing
Our similarity ends there

Thousands of lines can’t keep up with time
My worst writing denies the psychological need
There’s no shame in striving for literal art, or “to be”
Not privileging image, better to feel it through
Show what words can unearth from within
Rather follow that telling dream
Not being told what to think and how to do
It’s best practice to test all accepted rule
Whether or not, the writing still comes from
Your best guess of who?

Some words can flow with multiple meanings
Connotations, allusions, conceptual baggage is brought
Like wind makes song with syllables pleasing
Others may kill ’cause their world’s gone wrong
Tight-roping-tip-toe at that brink
Often I wrote from lack of sleep
It’s okay to be a person first, artist second
Sensing if I take my own advice
Might awaken before my dream ends

Having considered one’s psyche a most worthy aim
Everything is a source for a writing piece
Especially much of the undisguised
Thoughts, and what we think they mean
Being alive and sharing
An equal balance with visual stimulation
Through metaphor and one’s gut
Still I want to hear
What it is the mind makes tough
Triumph and pain
Finding a willingness to stand up
Looking forward to a new day

Writing for me therefore dares to be free
I would never do so without self-questioning
From which observations illuminate
Not stark and raving ocular
More with a quality of sunset light
Golden silhouettes in pictures
Most inventively framed by literal heights

5 Responses to “By Literal Heights”

  1. An Imperfect Servant Says:

    I think that I will have to read this again and again for some time. It challenges me as no other poem has before. Intruiges me even as I struggle through it. I say struggle because each line seems disjointed from the ones before, yet inextricably linked by some invisble thread that I can sense but not quite put my finger on, and for that I am curious to read again your words and discovery a little more of my self in the exploration. Thank you.

    • Your thoughtful words inspire me to take more risks writing poetry and storytelling. It is very meaningful when readers are willing to share their thoughts and opinions. What you describe in your experience of reading this poem reminds me of why I appreciate and value poetry. Thank you.

  2. very good description of brain valuation –

    • Thank you. Guess I felt like I had something to prove—perhaps foolishly, but honest feelings at the time.
      Appreciate your comment,

  3. very interesting poem. i think i too will have to read it a couple of times before completely grasping its core.

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