Anew you, begin

Words paint
Mind an empty mural
Clean slate to create
Poised intently before
Reverent yet unsure
Blank page
An electronic easel

White walls running over
Crossed lines down repeating roads
Inspired to offer
Shouts from conflicted hearts
Digital ghosts, perceptions of hosts
To the pestering desolation
Lone cricket chirps shudder
Darkness at one with moonlight
Cries of childhood, distinct voices echo
Your best friend shouts across the open field
Revelry in the parking lot
Lost victory upon the football field

Most unusually called back
What minds by subconscious reasons attach
Consider the past
Fragments of lost time blend
As much as you can
Learn and discover
Only then do you win
Creating each day
Accept the entire spectrum
Moments of glory, burdens that pain
Anew you, begin
The future will not hesitate

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