Aim to Be Free

Inky waver of city lights
Darker colors in water than air
Walk along worn stretch of planks
Following my heart like a dare

Smell of flowery lavender
Evening musk leaven sweet
Smile inside knowing I tried
Inspired, breathing at ease

Thoughts clear
Shadow lone
Mind clam
Cool water shone
I have come back
To test my dreams
Discovered my home
Aim to be free


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8 Responses to “Aim to Be Free”

  1. glibartist Says:

    great poem. i really dig it.

  2. the end of the first verse drew me in.. “Following my heart like a dare”….
    and, the ending did not disappoint. “Aim to be free”…

  3. severnyproductions Says:

    flowing poetry at its best, great stuff


  5. Thanks, I haven’t read this one in a while. Experiencing a summer of emotional turmoil prompted this one 🙂

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