Stuck in a Bloggled Mind

Pouring it all into every lineprofile
Imploding well of insecurity
Bloggled bind
Entangled by knowledge—off divine

Overwhelmed inside
By what I mind
Yet over the fear
For what I may find

Try to take it easy
That’s not routine
Rather than judging
Each moment
Too seriously
Critically high-strung
Shunning fun
Find time to relax
Kick back, have a beer
Smile and shut down the damn fax
Email can wait, the moment will pass
‘Up, there it’s too late

I’m a benighted adult
Though no longer afraid
Stuck in my head
Watch what I say
Want to be honest
Not a beat giveaway
Will always be learning
Despite broken branches
Beyond the varied existence
Of life’s travail and the innumerable possibilities
Some exist; others gone stale
That can destroy the seeds of artistry
As the currents die and energy fades
Leaves me wondering…
What has become of my days?

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