Convinced I Have A Choice

Waking to discover some muted directive for action
As if life just happens as one stands by
Certain dreams below the surface of the mind don’t lie
It’s owed in fact, I can’t gloat about tact
Beauty in randomness, orders to subtract
Remembered instances of memory traced reeling
From life recounted, even disbelieving
Your own documentary projects fleeting
Upon the ceiling self-forsaken, nerves earthquaking
Watching your spine crumble (the only bone humble)
Rendering lost, foregone helplessness, muttering as you stumble
There in the humid dark turning to face candlelight
Nobody has your back, induced via panic attack
Shrill paranoia may convince in leftover grasp
Upon shoulders mid bow and wonder how
Giving all your respect to realize
Burdens weigh heavy now, what a surprise
Before the bathroom mirror I kind of pray
More so it’s a resolve to take courage
Fortitude to never cave
Pleas for trust within my self, prime the will
Finding a strength that’s brave
May as well while here
Expressing what I feel
Not holding back for a single second
Writing through some inner void
Filling emptiness with sounds
Convinced I have a choice


Sounds From A House is coming soon

4 Responses to “Convinced I Have A Choice”

  1. Sarah Joyce Bryant Says:

    Wow! I can relate to this on so many levels.

  2. cinnabit Says:

    I really enjoyed this..feel like I’ve been there a time or 2.

    • Thanks for your support. Sometimes I post poetry and I’m not sure if I’m just overreacting to the circumstances of my life. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who goes through such times. My thanks again 🙂

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