My Life (a poem by Adam Dustus)

Like startled animalsIn&OutofLineCover_blog
Sensing gunshot
Felt a shock
Still in love
In cased reminder
A God above
Eden, Abraham
Jesus and The Flood

Remembered again
Safety in arms
Against prior judgments
Consciences of friends
Telling me to fight
I don’t want to lie
Never die
Except when will gives in
That’s where we differ
My so-called friends

At my side
A sharpening perception
Not some sanctimonious invention
Developed sniper vision
In scope and laser point
In everything
Matter of love
Science and strife
None and I can fathom
This world and time
Bright eyes perpetual shine
Reflected in mine
Like a bull’s-eye painted
Took aim for my mind
I believe love
More than supposed signs
Predictions in fables
Can’t feel our times
Bequeath to us labels
Keep us in line
Ignoring the pulse and feeling inside
You must seek in order to find
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In & Out Of Line
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